Han Hyo Joo Talks About Her Love For The Cinema, Her Favourite Character, and The Pirates 2


Our favorite girl, Han Hyo Joo, recently sat down for an interview with Allure magazine, where she talked about everything from being a movie fanatic since childhood to her favorite role so far. After bringing us the pandemic-inspired Kdrama thriller “Happiness” in 2021, Han Hyo Joo will be making his long-awaited return to cinema with the sequel to the 2014 blockbuster, The Pirates title The Pirates: Gobling Flag. For those of you who unfortunately don’t know who Han Hyo Joo is, let us enlighten you. Han Hyo Joo has been in the Korean entertainment industry since 1991. His first steps into the world of Kdrama with the sitcom Non-stop 5. Since then, Han Hyo Joo has been giving one stellar performance after another. Additionally, Han Hyo Joo received the Best Actress award at the 34th Blue Dragon Awards.

Not only is Han Hyo Joo a big name in the Kdrama industry, but she is also considered the best choice for any blockbuster movie. Han Hyo Joo was part of Korea’s all-time highest-grossing film titled “The beauty inside‘. The actress is also beloved by fans around the world for her “girl-next-door” persona. In her interview for Allure, Han Hyo Joo talks about what she looks for in a project, which character she’s most like, and The Pirates: Goblin Flag. Keep reading to find out what more Han Hyo Joo had to say!

Han Hyo Joo Talks About What She Loves About Cinema And Movies

Han Hyo Joo entered the entertainment industry and dominated was no accident, the actress has loved movies since she was a child. In the interview, Han Hyo Joo talks about being a movie fanatic and dragging her mother into movies. She said the memory of watching a good movie always stays in the heart. When she was young, you had to bring a parent with you to watch “Titanic”. Han Hyo Joo dreamily recalls that it was the first movie she watched three times and how awesome it was.

Han Hyo Joo cr: BH Entertainment

Additionally, Han Hyo Joo shared how sad he was to see movie theaters shut down during the pandemic. She talked about the emergence of new and varied genres, but there’s nothing quite as fun as a movie made just for the big screen. Han Hyo Joo expressed how strange it was to see empty movie theaters. She added that she hopes everyone can enjoy the magic of watching movies on the big screen soon.

Han Hyo Joo talks about his upcoming projects

His latest project ‘Joy‘ has received both global and critical acclaim. Speaking about the drama, Han Hyo Joo said that although the drama was filmed in a rush, everyone seemed to have a good vibe. She further clarified that “Joy‘ was filmed when she had already signed her next Kdrama ‘Moving‘ which will be released this year. On what made her choose’Joy‘ Han Hyo Joo explained that recently she had only played characters that were far from her true self.

Han Hyo Joo cr: BH Entertainment

She played the mother of a ten-year-old in ‘Treadstone’ and she played another unique character in ‘Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure‘. So when ‘Joy‘ was proposed to her, she accepted the project in the blink of an eye. Han Hyo Joo went on to explain how much she looked like her character in ‘Joy‘. So much so that her friends even jokingly asked her why she wasn’t performing during the drama and when would she start performing next. Overall, “happiness” has been a huge blessing for Han Hyo Joo. Her fans are excited to see her not only in a kdrama but also in a movie this year.

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