Ha Jun In ‘Crazy Love’: The Friendly Vice President Flaunts His Charisma


The newly released stills of Ha Jun left everyone looking forward and excited. All the fans piled the internet with their theories about the same thing. Her sharp features, warm smile, and focused eyes in the photos managed to capture everyone’s hearts. And now they can’t wait to see her character on the show.

Besides Ha Jun, the series stars Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin, Krystal Jung as Lee Shin Ah, Jo In as Kim Hye Sun, Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young, and Yoon San Ha as Lee Suho. All of them are known for their top notch acting skills and this has taken the viewers’ eagerness to a different level.

The story will follow the rude, hot-tempered and genius CEO of GOTOP named Noh Go Jin who pretends to have amnesia when told that he will be murdered. And a terminally ill, introverted secretary named Lee Shin Ah who has sworn to destroy Go Jin when put in a situation where she has to play his fake fiancée.

Here, we’ve gathered all the details regarding Ha Jun’s role and the upcoming series. Therefore, let’s take a quick look inside.

Ha Jun: all about his role

Ha Jun will play the role of a warm and friendly vice president named Oh Sae Gi. He works in Noh Go Jin’s GOTOP company and is known for his soothing voice and handsome features.

Additionally, Sae Gi is going to be one of the main plot parts as he is the only one who can coax and appease Noh Go Jin and his rude temper. And he’s also the one to offer warm and comforting advice to all of the company’s employees who have fallen victim to the CEO’s wrath.

The latest stills of Ha Jun’s character Oh Sae Gi released by KBS2 depict him in a hectic working environment. It’s clear that he lives a super busy life. His job ranges from managing the huge company to easing the CEO’s irritable temper to dealing with frustrated and scared employees.

Ha Jun in
Ha Jun

His friendly and calm personality has made him one of GOTOP’s friendliest and most popular employees.

Plus, it’ll be a fun ride to see the chemistry between the hot-tempered CEO who has no filter on his words and the friendly VP who always has a smile on his face. All the viewers are excited about her role in the crazy relationship between Noh Go Jin and Lee Shin Ah.

The show’s production team pointed out that the character of Oh Sae Gi may seem quite unrealistic, but the way Ha Jun adapted to it made him more realistic. Her friendly voice and warm smile worked wonders in spreading healing energy on set. Additionally, they asked viewers to look forward to Ha Jun’s warm charms.

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Amour fou: all the details

Crazy Love will air its first episode on March 7, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. KST. The sweet, wild and chaotic love story of a rude CEO and his terminally ill secretary is sure to bring plenty of adventures to look forward to.

Ha Jun in
Crazy Love

Representing the genres of comedy and romance, the drama series is directed by Kim Jung Hyun. It has a total of 16 episodes and each of them has a duration of 1 hour 10 minutes. It is a weekday drama series, that is; new episodes will be released every Monday and Tuesday.

Additionally, all domestic viewers of the show can watch the show on their TV network i.e. KBS2 channel. And all international viewers can follow the episodes on the iQiyi streaming platform. It may be available with a subscription.

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