Grid – The Idea of Sci-Fi Concept & Fabolous Cast – Screenwriter Shares Her Thoughts


The upcoming sci-fi drama series “Grid” is having the internet talking. Recently, series writer Lee Soo Yeon sat down in an interview where he talked about many impactful details about the drama series. It is very true that the sci-fi genre of this upcoming series has left everyone on edge. They are eagerly waiting for the release to happen, and now, with these new details revealed, the excitement has increased many times over.

Lee Soo Yeon is one of the most popular screenwriters in the K-Drama industry. She is best known for ‘Forest of Secrets’, also known as ‘Strangers’. This new mystery thriller by her is going to be a banger, according to all the fans out there. With highly intriguing plot points and an amazing cast, the show has attracted a lot of viewers and media spotlight not only domestically but also globally.

Grid: Lee Soo Yeon on the sci-fi concept of the series

In the interview, when asked how she got the idea for the sci-fi, Lee Soo Yeon explained that while working on the latest episode of “Forest of Secrets 2,” she came across a film that she really liked. The film made her wonder, “What would happen if the opposite situation of this film happened?” and it made the gears of his brain spin in various directions.

She wanted to do something she had never done before. Previously, she dealt with current and real social issues that needed her to explain basic situations with lots of dialogue. Throughout the filming process, she felt the actors were overwhelmed. Therefore, she decided to come up with a series that would have fewer lines and a situation without prior information.

Grid – The Idea of ​​Sci-Fi Concept & Fabolous Cast – Screenwriter shares her thoughts

Speaking further, she explained that the idea of ​​the solar wind was not something that came about in an instant. The Ghost, who is the creator of the Grid, is someone who travels through space and time and appears after 24 years to protect a murderer.

She also pointed out that the concept of time-warp is predominant. Taking everything into consideration, she has to come to a conclusion that will explain why anyone would do such a difficult thing to move through space and time to do something like this.

Going through everything, she also agreed on the fact that they simply cannot ignore the issue of the environment. Solar winds are an environmental issue talked about in this series, and it also ponders issues around global warming and rising sea levels.

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Grid: Lee Soo Yeon on The Show Cast

The entire cast of the series includes Seo Kang Joon, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Moo Yeol, Kim Sung Kyun, and Lee SI Young. Talking about Seo Kang Joon, she said that after watching his previous projects, she always felt that he had excellent acting skills. In this drama, he plays the role of Sae Ha, who is someone who is not expressive when it comes to emotions. And so, over time, all the emotions pent up inside were getting harder and harder and getting tangled up.

He always has that natural look on his face no matter how he feels. As he becomes obsessed with Ghost, everyone can sense that he is truly absorbed in her for that purpose.

Grid – The Idea of ​​Sci-Fi Concept & Fabolous Cast – Screenwriter shares her thoughts
Grid – Cast

Moving on to Kim Ah Joong, she explained that she was someone who had both strength and fragility in her character. She plays the role of Sae Byeok, who has a lot of inner conflict and has been through something really upsetting. But no one knows about her past as she maintains a very resolute and enduring exterior on the front.

She continued further and talked about Lim Si Young, saying that she really wanted her to take on this role. She doubted it because her character doesn’t have many lines. But when she confirmed to do so, it was a moment of joy for her. Adding further, she said Si Young was just perfect for the role. Soo Yeon also mentioned that if she ever had the chance to work with her again, she would like to create lots of refreshing action scenes for her.

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