Google’s dark mode is getting darker


Users are starting to see Google’s new pitch-black dark mode, 9to5Google reported. The previous dark mode was a gray that was soothing to the eyes, but Google switched to true black (#000000) that should really show up on OLED and AMOLED displays.

Google announced the wider availability of dark mode earlier this month, but so far the release has been slow. Few people seem to have it, and 9to5Google reports that some users received the new theme only to lose it. Google said it was testing a new dark mode in February last year, and later announced in a tweet that the new dark theme was available on desktop and mobile. earlier this month

The new theme showed up on my laptop this morning, but it’s still dark gray in my Google app and Google Search in Safari on my iPhone. The contrast between the gray font and the pitch black background makes the change stronger, but I think I prefer the dark gray background, which doesn’t have as much contrast.

google search results for the roadside for a pitch black background

Pitch black dark mode

Here’s how to change your settings if you’re still in light mode and want to switch (provided it’s rolled out for you):

  1. Select the gear icon in the top right corner to open the quick settings.
  2. Select dark mode.

The new screen could be a win for those who thought the dark gray wasn’t dark enough. But it could also be a win for those looking to save some battery life on devices with OLED displays, although it’s unclear how much battery life you could save, or whether the big visual difference is even worth the change.

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