Good Neighbors Movie Ending Explained: Handicaps Are Not Always Innocent


Canadian import “Good Neighbours” finds dark comedy among white bread lifestyles, ranging from bland to wild, endearingly shy to brutally frank. Set in the Montreal neighborhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in the fall of 1995, Jacob Tierney’s third feature film is mostly set indoors, but critical of its time and place. Quebec is on the cusp of a tense referendum on independence, but personal concerns outweigh political uncertainty for three residents of a large apartment building.

Louise (Hampshire) works as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant and obsesses over the town’s recent deaths, believing them to be the work of a serial killer. Spencer (Speedman) is a gentleman in a wheelchair who is her downstairs neighbor. Victor (Baruchel) arrives at the fourth-floor apartment and quickly becomes attached to Louise, while Spencer barely tolerates him. After Louise’s co-worker becomes the fourth victim, Victor begins spending more time with her, connecting over their shared experience of owning a cat and begins telling people that she is his fiancée. As Spencer becomes increasingly agitated by Victor’s clumsiness, Louise’s cats are discovered dead, allegedly at the hands of Valerie, their upstairs neighbor, and the killer strikes once more.

So what’s up with the person in the shadows who was spotted climbing the fire escape from their apartment that night, along with others? When will Louise learn that she is engaged to Victor? “Good Neighbors”, based on a novel by Quebec writer Chrystine Brouillet published in 1982, is a long teaser with twisted pleasure that requires skillful acting. The confused humor of Mr. Baruchel, the frightening misanthropy of Mrs. Hampshire and the shark-like smile of Mr. Speedman reinforce the strange alliance of their characters. The identity of the serial killer haunting the headlines and dark corners of the neighborhood is never in doubt, but the suspense isn’t the point, it’s the isolation. Faced with an external threat, three English-speaking Montrealers must rely solely on each other. And, occasionally, on their dogs.

End of the movie Good Neighbors

Louise adores her kitten companions. Her cats are her life, and aside from going to work, her neighbor, Spencer, is the only human contact she has. Louise and Spencer get together regularly to have a drink and tell a story about the latest murder victims. Spencer’s wheelchair may restrict him to the building, but he lives vicariously through Louise’s neighborhood stories. When Victor first moves into the building, the other residents are suspicious of him, but he and Louise quickly become romantically involved.

The Good Neighbors Movie Ending Explained
Good Neighbors Movie The Trio

Residents of the building close their windows as the freezing winter cold sets in. Everyone fusses as they’re locked inside, and Louise’s cats annoy another neighbor. The enraged tenant poisons Louise’s pets, prompting Louise to plan her ultimate revenge against the woman. Louise kills the woman who murdered her cats as her mental health deteriorates following the loss of her cats.

Louise staged the murder scene to make it look like the serial killer had attacked, including hitting the victim with a device. However, as Louise walks away from the scene of the crime, she comes face to face with the real killer, someone she knows only too well. Louise’s relationship with Spencer and Victor is now tainted with suspicion, as the unusual pals attempt to frame each other for the serial murders.

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Explanation of the end of the movie Good Neighbors: who was the serial killer?

So who was the serial killer? It was none other than the guy in the wheelchair, Spencer. The truth was that he wasn’t disabled at all, he was just playing the character of a disability just to fool everyone and hide his identity as a serial killer. Louise understands that it was he who killed all the women and raped them after their death. But in the near end, she just killed the woman, who poisoned her cats. And she doesn’t want to get arrested for that, so she decides to frame someone. Two people come to mind, Spencer the serial killer or Victor the good guy. Finally, she decides to bet everything on Spencer.

Good Neighbors Movie The Trio
Spencer is the serial killer

Louise asks Victor to help her trap Spencer. Victor having a crush on Louise agrees to help her. He goes to confront Spencer about the serial murder. They have a fight. Spencer ends up falling from her window and dies, and cut. That’s all, nothing else, we couldn’t see what’s going on with Louise and Victor. Are they even together? Probably not, Louise had been using Victor all along, so no chance.

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