(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon on Her Contribution to ‘Moonshine’ OST & Upcoming Group Activities


(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon recently took part in an interview and talked about a lot of things. She is one of the known personalities in the music industry and is recognized as a wonderful singer and actress. She talked about her participation in the KBS drama “Moonshine” OST and the upcoming activities of (G)I-DLE. His voice still worked wonders and managed to take everyone into their trance.

She revealed a lot about her experience while recording the OST and also shared her dreams with all her fans pretty much the same. The internet is buzzing with all the revelations made by her, and all of her fans are piling the internet on with the same. Moreover, the drama series “Moonshine” has also gained traction and media spotlight with its fantastic plot points and amazing cast performances.

Therefore, this new OST caught the attention of listeners and media platforms.

(G) I-DLE’s Miyeon: All About Her Experience

Miyeon sang the OST titled “Someday” for the drama series “Moonshine.” Speaking about the same, she explained that since she was young, she always had this vague thought in her head to sing a song for a historical drama OST. And so, this opportunity was golden for her. She was thrilled and really excited to sing for the OST drama series. While recording the song, she felt really thrilled and graceful with the vocal direction.

Speaking further, Miyeon revealed that she has a special place for the song in her heart. She loves it so much that she listened to the demo version of it in her free time before the final recording. As soon as she heard the song, she picked up the vibe.

(G)I-DLE's Miyeon Talks About Her Contribution To The OST Of

Explaining what felt so special about the song, she said the track’s lyrics and melody really touched her heart. It radiated grief to miss and lose someone. The mature vibe of the song is really appealing, and that’s what she used to express her emotions. Therefore, listeners should focus on this aspect when playing the song.

Continuing, Miyeon said that she always had a very special sense of responsibility when it came to singing OSTs. The fact that his voice is part of many important scenes in the drama series made him very sensitive for her. She received feedback from her band members after the track was released. She felt really happy because her fans loved her too.

Adding further, she pointed out that “Someday” will always be a song she will be proud of.

In closing, Miyeon added that (G)I-DLE’s upcoming specials this year will feature something really cool and new. The members will show a new side of themselves that will leave everyone in awe.

Additionally, she also asked all her fans to show lots of love for “Moonshine” and her OST track “Someday.”

Check out the song below:

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(G) I-DLE’s Miyeon: a bit about her

Operating under Cube Entertainment, Miyeon is a member of South Korean girl group “(G)I-DLE.” The year 2021 has been very eventful for the artist. She was selected as the host of the Naver Now radio show “Gossip Idle”. Additionally, she was also named one of the hosts of Mnet’s music program, M Countdown.

She managed to land the third position in the monthly “Individual Girl Group Members Brand Power Ranking” of the Korean Business Research Institute. This gave a lot of fuel to her career and she became one of the known personalities in the music industry.


Later in May, Miyeon took part in CS Happy Entertainment’s cs album with a pop ballad “You Were My Breathe”. It debuted at #96 on Gaon Download Chart and #20 on BGM Chart component.

Her collaboration with Raiden for her debut EP “Love Right Back” was announced in October 2021. She also co-starred in Lee Donghae’s B-side track “Blue Moon,” which was released on October 13. Additionally, Miyeon was also featured. in “Kitty” by rapper Kid Milli.

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