(G)I-DLE Confirmed To Make A Comeback In March 2022 As A Five-Member Girl Group


Kpop girl group (G)I-DLE is officially making their comeback in March, Cube Entertainment has announced. However, fans should be prepared to see (G)I-DLE as a five member group. Although fans are excited for (G)I-DLE’s return, they are saddened not to see Soojin. A news outlet has reported that the girl group will be making a comeback for the first time in 14 months. In response, Cube Entertainment also shared a detailed statement.

Fans are thrilled to see (G)I-DLE release a new song after so long. After the news spread online, they started sharing the information. On the other hand, some fans also remembered when (G)I-DLE was a six-member group. In August 2021, Soojin quit the group after becoming entangled in bullying accusations.

Fans were furious with Cube Entertainment for their mismanagement since Soojin denied all the charges. Fans were extremely sad when they learned that Cube forcefully asked Soojin to leave the company.

Amid the chaos, (G)I-DLE is hard at work for their March 2022 comeback.

(G)I-DLE will be back in March 2022

On February 17, News1 shared that (G)I-DLE may be making a comeback in March. Cube Entertainment also shared an official statement and confirmed the news in response to the news. This will be (G)I-DLE’s first comeback in a year and two months. Additionally, this will be the first time they will come out and perform songs as a five-member girl group. The group now consists of Yuqi, Miyeon, Soyeon, Shuhua, and Minnie.

(G)I-DLE released their 4th EP, I burn, in January 2021 with the first single “Hwaa”. The EP and single were well received and also became instant hits. However, since then, (G)I-DLE has not produced any new music so far.

Return of (G)I-DLE in March 2022
(G)I-DLE with former member, Soojin

Meanwhile, the other members of (G)I-DLE focused on solo activities. Soyeon is working on her album and framing “My Teenage Girl.” Soyeon, meanwhile, is busy building her acting career. Finally, Yuqi, Minnie, and Shuhua participate in activities based outside of their home countries.

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