Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 Release Date: Paranormal Activity in Williams House


Ghost Hunters is a paranormal reality television show that aired on October 6, 2004 in the United States. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson star in the series as the founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS for short, a paranormal investigative organization that investigates haunted locations. The show is currently in its fourteenth season, and fans have been wondering if there will be a Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 since the seventh episode aired on February 19.

The show made paranormal reality TV and Ghost Hunting mainstream. Some of the cast members went on to star in their own shows following the show’s success. The annual Halloween specials have been televised live in previous seasons and have featured celebrity guests and interactivity; however, this has since ceased.

The first season of Ghost Hunters aired on Syfy until October 26, 2016. After being canceled after its eleventh season, the show was resurrected in early 2019 on A&E for its twelfth and thirteenth seasons, which aired August 21, 2019 through May 27. , 2020. The show went on hiatus after its thirteenth season and resurrected months later on Discovery+ for its fourteenth season.

Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 9 Recap: The Haunted Hotel

TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson purchased and remodeled the Spalding Inn a few years ago. The hotel has a long history of paranormal activity dating back over 80 years, and it seems the hauntings aren’t going away any time soon. The inn, which resembles a bed and breakfast, is only a few stories high and consists of several buildings recently painted blue with white trim. The staff strives to make you feel like a passing neighbor by decorating each room to resemble a cozy country house. Spirits, on the other hand, are eager to terrify you.

Jason and Grant began their adventure in the coachhouse, which is the most haunted of structures. They were drawn to the empty floor above them by the sound of footsteps. One of the deadbolts in room #17 was slamming shut as Jason turned the key to unlock it as they went upstairs and into some rooms. When they finally gained access to the room, they discovered that no one was present and they were unable to unlock the locks.

Ghostbusters season 14 episode 10
Ghostbusters season 14 episode 9

They went to the second floor of The Wing, a section of the hostel where the doors opened, the EMF detectors went off and there was just unusual activity. They were puzzled by the encounter. They came downstairs and started an EVP session, which lit up their EMF meter like a Christmas tree. The situation was the same in the dining room. Someone or something was trying to talk to them.

Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango headed for the carriage shed and the famous room #7. They opened a multitude of drawers, hoping to find them closed when they returned to the room. They were drawn to the second floor by the footsteps of the first. Their EMF meter went into overdrive, hitting its peak readings, followed by a female voice in the distance.

Every crew member heard footsteps from the hallway or from the empty levels above where they were watching. Amy and Jason both heard a woman call out their names twice in a row. Both events were recorded on audio recorders. Unidentified noises have been ringing out all night, and the team has had enough personal encounters to confirm that there is indeed paranormal activity at the Spalding Inn, and reservations should begin to resume.

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Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 Release Date

Yes! Season 14 of Ghost Hunters has already started, and a few episodes have already aired. Fans are so enthralled with this series that after the debut of the previous episode, they are eager to know when the next episode, Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 will air. When will the tenth episode be released, episode 10? Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 is scheduled to air on February 26, 2022.

Ghostbusters season 14 episode 10
Let’s find ghosts

Wraiths of Winchester is the title of Ghost Hunter Season 14 Episode 10. The Philip Williams House, a historic Virginia property ravaged by the Civil War and haunted by mysterious apparitions and violence, is being investigated by TAPS. The secrets hidden under its floors could be linked to widespread paranormal activity.

Where to Watch Ghost Hunters Season 14 Episode 10 – Streaming Details

In the United States, Ghost Hunters is available on Amazon Prime Video. The show is also available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. For Australian viewers, the show is available on Binge and Foxtel Now. If you have a Discovery+ add-on subscription or a Discovery+ subscription in general, you can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video in India.

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