‘Ghost Doctor’ Episode 15: Release Date, Spoilers, & Recap


Episode 15 of the fantasy medical drama series “Ghost Doctor” is ready to hit the screens. Indeed, the drama series is reaching its final episode very soon, and all the viewers are thrilled with the same. It’s been a roller coaster ride for all of them, and now they’re looking forward to Young Min coming to her senses.

In the preview for Episode 15 of the series, it is seen that everyone is losing hope in Young Min’s condition. But the trio still hold their own, doing whatever is under their control. Seung Tak is also shown to lose his ability to see ghosts, which creates a lot of trouble for Young Min. Everyone stands at a turning point, and now all viewers are eagerly waiting for them to meet their (happy) ending.

Moreover, the team of four, i.e. Seung Tak, Se Jin, Young Min, and Soo Jeong, are attached to overcome any type of situation together.

Here we have summed up all the details of this upcoming fifteenth episode drama series. Therefore, let’s take a quick look inside.

“Ghost Doctor” Episode 15 Recap

The previous episode of the series brought major character development to Seung Tak. From a stubborn trainee, he transformed into a dedicated doctor that everyone is proud of, even Young Min.

After training with Cha Young Min for days and weeks, Seung Tak finally saved someone with his own hands. Finding new resolve, Seung Tak decided to train under Young Min in order to become a successful and responsible doctor like the latter. He trained under Dr. Cha’s supervision in his old cabin using his old tools. A moment of pride? Indeed Indeed.

'Ghost Doctor Episode 15': Seung Tak's Soft Body and Young Min's Discolored Soul
Kim Bum and the rain

Being the strict mentor that he is, Young Min ordered Seung Tak to start from scratch, that is, from the basics. By continuously training him for days on how to sew wounds properly and teaching him how to use both hands for the operation, Young Min ensured that he became a sharp one.

Talking to Tess Young Min explained that teaching Seung Tak is also one of his ways to repay what he taught him. He admitted that his competitive nature and an urgent urge to prove he was better than all the ghosts that possessed him fueled his determination a lot.

'Ghost Doctor Episode 15': Seung Tak's Soft Body and Young Min's Discolored Soul
Kim Bum

When a car accident patient was admitted to the emergency room, everyone gave him up because his heartbeat wouldn’t come back. But Seung Tak didn’t lose hope and kept pressing his chest. He managed to save his life from cardiac arrest, which made everyone in the emergency department very proud of him.

Seung Tak and Soo Jeong

The closeness between Seung Tak and Soo Jeong has grown a lot. She is aware that Young Min possesses him, which clarified their relationship.

In the previous episode, we saw the bittersweet relationship between Soo Jeong and her mother, who keeps pestering her to change majors. She is preoccupied with her own motherly ways, and this has made things difficult between them.

Kim Bum and Naeun

We also came to the reason for Oh Soo Jung’s concern about Seung Tak. This is because she was the granddaughter of Tess who saved young Seung Tak’s life. And that explains his ambition to become a cardiothoracic surgeon like him.

The accident

Finally, Dr. Jang connected the dots and exposed the truth that Young Min’s ghost was still around her. She decided to hold on and wait for Young Min to wake up. Embracing the bittersweet truth, she invited Seung Tak over for dinner because she knew Young Min would possess him.

While Se Jin went inside to get hot drinks for them, Seung Tak, who was possessed by Young Min, was waiting outside.

'Ghost Doctor Episode 15': Seung Tak's Soft Body and Young Min's Discolored Soul
Uee, Rain and Kim Bum

Although things took a brutal turn when his greedy younger brother showed up and destroyed everything, Seung Tak was attacked by a gangster who hit him with a metal bar.

Young Min was seen separating from Seung Tak on impact as the latter fell unconscious to the ground. The real twist occurs when Young Min’s body starts to dissolve and Se Jin starts shouting Young Min’s name instead of Seung Tak.

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Watch ‘Ghost Doctor’ Episode 15 Online – Stream Details

TVING is the streaming platform for all national viewers. They can easily catch up all the episodes of the show after subscribing to the channel. On the other hand, the international streaming platform for the show is Viki which is also accessible with subscription packages.

Also, the timing of the series premiere will vary depending on different time zones. Episode 15 will air at 7:30 a.m. Central Time Zone, 1:30 p.m. Greenwich Time Zone, 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time Zone, and 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time Zone.

“Ghost Doctor” episode 15 release date

Episode 15 of “Ghost Doctor” will be released on February 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. The show left everyone in shock with its nerve-wracking suspense, and now that it is nearing its finale, every viewer is eager and excited.

Ghost Doctor Episode 14

Additionally, the drama series has performed very well on its viewership chart, even though its premiere was delayed due to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. It has seen a significant increase in its viewership, garnering a national rating of 6.717% and 8.2% in metropolitan areas.

Cha Young Min’s worsening and improving condition left everyone nervous. They hope for the best, but except for Seung Tak, Soo Jeong, and Dr. Jang, everyone is out of their comas. They still cling to their belief that he will wake up, but the situations have escalated in several ways.

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