Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Is Engaged To Beau Ercan Ramadan!


Congratulations are in order because Vicky Pattison is engaged to her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan! The Geordie Shore star is ready to walk down the aisle. Ercan asked the question. offered during their romantic getaway to Dubai. Vicky Pattison further confirmed the big news by sharing a photo of the moment her man took a knee and she said yes. The photo comes with an adorable caption as Vicky says she’ll pick Ercan without a doubt, in a heartbeat.

The two have been dating for three years and Vicky recently opened up about marriage and admitted that she would like to marry Ercan. She further added that even though she didn’t send pictures of engagement rings or anything like that, she felt satisfied with her life with Ercan. The confession has become a beautiful reality as they are all ready to exchange their wedding vows.

The Geordie Shore star talks about her wedding plans!

It looks like the Geordie Shore alum has a lot planned as she recently revealed plans to freeze her eggs for a whopping £10,000! Vicky further explains how she plans to move on and will freeze her eggs because she still isn’t there.

Vicky Pattinson is ready to address her drinking habits in her upcoming Channel 4 documentary titled Vicky Pattison: My Dad, Alcohol and Me. It will go back a few pages when Vicky saw her 62-year-old father John struggle with addiction in his youth. Vicky Pattinson shot to fame after starring in the hit MTV series from 2011 to 2014. The star recently admitted she used alcohol to fight her insecurities after her big win in 2015.

Vicky Pattison engaged
Vicky Pattison and Ercan Ramadan

Recently, the TV star made some personal confessions on The High-Performance Podcast talking about her insecurities and how she overcame them in time. The celeb admitted that the MTV show created a big rift between her and her mother. Vicky went on to say that she had done a lot. things about the show that weren’t like him.

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