Gehraiyaan Ending Explained: Is Alisha’s Secret Revealed?


Gehraiyaan is a Hindi romantic drama film, which premiered on February 11, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. The film is directed by Shakun Batra, who is also one of the screenwriters along with Ayesha Devitre, Sumit Roy and Yash Sahai. The film mainly centers around three characters, Alisha, Zain, and Tia. Alisha and Tia are cousins ​​who meet after a long time and Tia introduces her fiancé, Zain, after which Alisha and Zain begin an affair. Initially, after watching the trailer, the film was criticized as people thought it glorified infidelity. However, once viewers watched the movie, they realized that wasn’t the case, and it’s so much more than that.

The film stars Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Pandey and Dairya Karwa. They play Alisha, Zain, Tia and Karan respectively. Naseeruddin Shah and Rajat Kapoor also have supporting roles in the film, as Alisha and Jitesh’s father respectively.

Distribution of Gehraiyaan.

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Gehraiyaan’s plot revolves around Alisha, Tia, and Zain. Alisha and Tia are paternal cousins ​​because their fathers are brothers. When they were younger, they were very close and even lived together. Their fathers started a very successful business together, however, due to some complications, Alisha’s father left the business and moved with her and her mother to Nasik. We learn that Alisha’s mother was severely depressed and committed suicide when she was very young. Something she blames on her father as she thinks her mother felt stuck and smothered around him which led her to do this. This childhood trauma has had a detrimental effect on Alisha, for which she even needs anxiety medication, due to the fear of ending up like her mother.

Alisha lives with her boyfriend of six years, Karan, whom she has known since she was little, as Karan, Tia, and Alisha all grew up together. Karan is an unemployed aspiring writer, who brings next to nothing to their relationship. Alisha struggles to support Karan and herself as a yoga instructor while also trying to develop a yoga app. They live a pretty mediocre life which seems to irritate Alisha a lot, as she wants more out of life. She soon ends their relationship, or rather their engagement, after finding out that he finally finished his novel and was rejected by the publishers, but didn’t tell her that. Several other factors led her to break up with him, which we will come back to later.

Deepika and Siddhant.

Alisha and Zain meet

Alisha and Karan are invited by Tia to stay at their childhood beach house in Alibaugh. They are taken there on Tia’s fiancé, Zain’s yacht. Tia and Alisha lost contact after Tia moved to the United States, however, she and Karan stayed in touch when he went to study there. They reconnect after many years and Tia introduces them to Zain, who is into real estate and is currently in India developing a huge project worth millions of rupees. They spend the weekend at Alibaugh, where Zain and Alisha start flirting. Zain is the one who initiated it at first, but Alisha also seems to enjoy flirting and attention, as she gets none of that from her boyfriend. After the weekend is over, they continue to text each other.

They reunite in Mumbai when Alisha agrees to treat her back pain. When the two meet to do so, they end up kissing. When Alisha returns home, she finds that Tia and Zain will be coming to their house, as she is returning to Los Angeles for a while to work out some legal issues regarding her father’s will and wishes to meet with them before he leaves. When the two arrive, Alisha discovers that Karan is going to the Alibaugh house to write, a fact he has not mentioned to her. She also finds out that he let Tia read his book, which she asked to do for months and he refused. Eventually, Karan has to take Tia to the airport as Zain’s hand hurts. Zain returns to Alisha’s apartment after they leave and the two sleep together.

The start of the affair

Alisha and Zain then begin a full affair after Karan goes to the Alibaugh house to write and Tia goes to Los Angeles. During this time, they very often go sailing together and, in one case, even help out an old couple to whom Zain introduces Alisha as his fiancée. When Tia returns, she throws a birthday party at the beach house for Alisha, where Karan proposes and she accepts thinking the relationship with Zain is going nowhere, and she ends up ending it with him and blocking him. However, she ends up ending her engagement with Karan and getting back together with Zain, when he tells her he loves her and promises to end things with Tia after her project is finalized in 6 months. But his life turns into a big mess when his main investor is arrested for fraud and he has to ask Tia for help, which she agrees to do by mortgaging the Alibaugh house for a year. Alisha also becomes pregnant with his child around this time.

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Alisha and Zain.

Explanation of the end of Gehraiyaan

Zain claims to love Alisha, but he is forced to choose between her and Tia, which is tantamount to choosing between love and money. Eventually, Money wins and he chooses Tia and plans to kill Alisha when she threatens to tell Tia the truth. He takes Alisha to his yacht and plans to mix her anxiety medication in a drink and throw her overboard. However, Alisha finds out about her plan and calls Tia, but she doesn’t pick up and when Zain sees her calling Alisha back, he realizes that she knows what he is trying to do. He tries to throw her overboard but in the struggle ends up falling, hitting his head and dying instead. Alisha then sails to shore, a skill taught to her by Zain, and returns home where she unfortunately miscarries.

The next morning, Zain’s body is found and he is pronounced dead. Zain’s business partner, Jitesh, was in the plan to kill Alisha and thus knew he had died somehow during this time. He then threatens Alisha to bring him the Alibaugh property papers that Tia had signed or she would spend the rest of her life in jail. Alisha then gives him the papers and they all learn that instead of just mortgaging the property for a year, Zain had sold it. Tia feels very guilty about all of this and eventually reveals to Alisha that when she had returned to Los Angeles for legal issues, she had returned to convince her father not to put the property in Alisha’s name, which he was originally going to do.


Is Alisha’s secret revealed?

When she asks why he would do this, Tia tells her that they are half-sisters as Alisha’s mother and father had an affair, and Alisha is his daughter. When Alisha learns of this, she realizes that she wasted all those years hating her father through no fault of his and apologizes to him for doing so. She also asks her father for advice on how to fix the mess she’s in, as he knew something was wrong between her and Zain when he saw him coming out of his apartment the night he died. . She also asks her father why he never told her the truth about his mother, to which he said he didn’t want to destroy her image of her mother, and the two reconcile. At the end of the film, there is a two-year time jump.

After the time jump, we see Alisha preparing to bring her father to Mumbai to live with her. She then leaves to attend Karan’s engagement with another girl and meets Tia there. She and Tia talk and they both apologize for all the secrets, with Tia still being kept in the dark about Alisha and Zain’s affair. At the party, Alisha then comes face to face with the old lady she had helped when she and Zain were sailing and he introduced her as his bride. The movie ends with the old lady recognizing her but we don’t find out if Alisha’s secret is revealed or not.

From our perspective, two things could have happened. First, the old lady could have let the cat out of the bag right now or maybe in the future. Second, Alisha could have handled the situation and made sure no one, especially Tia, found out about the affair. We hope the second thing happened as Tia now finds out she’s doing him more harm than good, and now that Zain is dead there’s no reason for her to find out and her relationship with his sister is ruined. More importantly, Alisha doesn’t deserve to go to jail because Zain’s death was an accident caused by self-defense.

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