Fungus & Iron Manga Returns From The Break in March 2022


We’ve even seen popular manga take a break like Hunter x Hunter. The series is still on hiatus for many years due to the health problems of the writer who certainly breaks the continuity of its history. For most fans, the story of the manga doesn’t even matter because the story after the Chimera arc is quite unstable. Recently, news broke that Fungus & Iron Manga has announced something that has certainly thrilled fans. Here we will talk about the break of Fungus & Iron manga with their hiatus.

Hiatus is a word that confuses a lot of anime and manga fans, and they never want their favorite anime to continue in such a state. If you don’t know what hiatus is, then hiatus is a state in which certain series break continuity or streak without any scheduled return date. This can happen for the following reasons: personal problems of the author, financial crisis of the company or lack of popularity. There are many incidents in the anime world when fans face an unexpected hiatus with their favorite anime.

Fungus & Iron Manga returns from a hiatus

Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine March verse recently revealed that Ayaka Katayama has returned from maternity leave and will begin working on her popular manga series, Fungus & Iron. The manga will resume from March 9 across the world. She’s been on maternity leave since August 2021. While it might seem a bit complicated for fans to be in a waiting loop, it’s very important for the writers to be healthy and have fun. We have to understand that they too have a family and a responsibility besides delivering the manga chapters on time.

Where to find Fungus & Iron Manga?

If you want to read the previous chapters of Fungus & Iron, you can definitely visit the official Kodansha website, and there you will find many seller links. You will get all the details about the manga on their official website. At Otakukart, we always encourage you to read from official sources, as it helps creators financially and motivates them to keep doing great work.

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