Frozen In Love Filming Locations: Where is The Romantic Drama Movie Filmed?


Hallmark of Jelly of love is a sweet story of hate and love. Directed by Scott Smith, the film features familiar faces, Rachel Leigh Cook and Niall Matter. The film told how a couple who don’t love each other slowly find themselves worthy of love. The fun fact here is that Rachael Cook also helped write the script for Frozen in Love. She has worked in many films for Hallmark, some of them are Summer in the vineyard, Summer Love, Autumn in the vineyardand Jelly of love.

Mary owns the family bookstore, which does not bring in enough money. Adam is a hockey player who always has trouble with the referee. Due to his misbehavior, Adam is suspended from the team. Mary reunites with her college friend Janet, who has a big PR business. Janet offers to help Mary get more customers to her store. In return, Janet asks Mary to help Adam build a good image. Mary barely cares about sports and her first meeting with Adam was terrible. So the pair don’t like each other even a bit. But slowly they discover that they both have a good side too, and they start to understand each other.

Wondering where the bookstore is actually located? I was wondering the question too, so here is the article where I will tell you the filming location of Frozen in Love.

Films shot in British Columbia Canada
Mary and Adam

Hallmark’s Frozen In Love Filming Locations

British Columbia, Canada, is the main filming location for Hallmark’s Frozen In Love. As I always say, Canada and Hallmark have great chemistry, the cast flew to British Columbia to film the movie. The production team made sure not to miss any notable locations. Some of the famous places are Revelstoke Forum, Grizzly Plaza, Revelstoke downtown, I keep the name of the bookstore for the moment.

Revelstoke Forum, British Columbia

Revelstoke Forum in British Columbia is a famous arena for ice hockey games. The arena is also supported by funds to get all the local children involved in the game. The venue can hold at least 1000 people. Specifically, the Revelstoke Forum is located at 1100 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

In the movie Frozen In Love, Adam and Mary come to this arena to help young children learn to play hockey. Also, Adam teaches Mary to play too. And as she scores her first goal, Mary is overwhelmed with excitement.

If you like ice hockey, you will enjoy going to this arena.

Where did they play hockey in the movie Frozen In Love
A photo from Hallmark’s Frozen In Love

Grizzly Plaza, British Columbia

Located in Revelstoke, Grizzly Plaza is also used for exterior filming of the film. There are life-size bronze bear statues in the Plaza which makes it much more attractive. If you ever visit BC, keep Grizzly Plaza on your bucket list.

Mary and Janet discuss Adam while walking past the Grizzly Book & Serendipity Shop in one scene. You can find the scene in the second half of the film.

Hallmark's Frozen in love filming location
Mary and Janet; from Hallmark’s Frozen In Love

Where is Frozen In Love’s “On the Same Page” bookstore?

The Maple Ridge Public Library in British Columbia was created for the filming of Frozen In Love. In the movie, the name of the library was “On the same page”, which is quite romantic for me, as a bookworm. The library is extensive and offers different types of books, audiobooks, e-books and hard copies. For a bookworm, this is a place to fall in love with.

As the movie is based on the fall of the bookstore, you can guess how important this place is. The team did a great job, as always when talking about filming locations.

The library in Frozen In Love
Tyler and Mary in their bookstore having a discussion about a book in Frozen in Love

The cast of the film

Hallmark of Jelly of love characteristics Rachael Leigh Cook as Mary Campbell, owner of a family bookstore. We see Niall Matter like Adam Clayborna famous hockey player much better known for his anger. Sandy Sidhu rooms Janet Dunleavy, the common PR both the protagonists approach to improve their image. Janet is also Marriedthe college friend, apparently, Married helped her pass the final. Additionally, we have madison smith as Mary’s younger brother, Tyler Campbell, who is still at school and participates in part in the management of the bookstore. In addition to this, we also see Tammy Gillis like Erica, Adamthe ex of and the manager of his team; Susan Hogan like Married and Tylerhis mother, kate campbell; and Keith MacKechnie like Married and Tylerthe father, Paul Campbell.

Hallmark's Frozen in Love
Jelly of love

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