Frontier adds 2 gig speeds to its entire fiber network


Frontier Communications is rolling out 2 gigabyte speeds over its existing fiber network, which currently spans six states, including Texas, Florida, California, Indiana, West Virginia and Connecticut (via reading light† The plan comes with 2 gig symmetric downloads and uploads for $149.99/month, along with the free installation of a Wi-Fi 6E-enabled router and extender.

Frontier is offering a free 43-inch Amazon Fire TV and Logitech webcam to the first 1,000 customers to sign up — but it’s not clear whether you’ll get the Omni or 4-Series Fire TV, and it’s just as vague about the Logitech webcamming. The company is also promoting its $79.99/month fiber plan, which comes in the form of a $200 Visa Reward card, Eero Pro 6 router, and a Wi-Fi extender.

A number of communication companies have already started to exceed the 1 Gbps threshold when it comes to fiber optics. Last month, AT&T announced the rollout of 2 gig and 5 gig plans, costing $110 per month and $180 per month, respectively. Xfinity also has a 3Gbps plan for a pricey $299.95/month, and Verizon has a 2-gig $119/month plan for New York City residents only. Meanwhile, Google Fiber’s $100-per-month 2-gig plan still remains the cheapest of the multi-gig family.

In 2020, Frontier filed for bankruptcy, blaming an “underinvestment in fiber optic rollout” as a reason for its financial troubles. According to Ars TechnicaMost of Frontier’s fiber connections were actually installed by Verizon at the time, as the company bought Fios operations in California, Texas and Florida in 2016. The company currently offers services in 25 states and added 45,000 new fiber customers in the last quarter of 2021.

As awesome as fiber optic sounds, it’s still just a fantasy for many of us who aren’t cornered in specific parts of the US. And while faster fiber is great, it would be nice to have some more cables so more of us can access it.

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