From 1 to 2 hours of fitness to clean and light food, here’s a look

Salman Khan's workout and diet regimen is tougher than a 20-year-old
Salman Khan’s workout and diet regimen is tougher than a 20-year-old: from 1 to 2 hours of fitness to eat clean and light, here’s a closer look (Photo Credit : Instagram)

Salman Khan is one of the superstars who enjoys a huge following not only in India but also abroad. The superstar is known for two things apart from his movies: his bodybuilding and his penchant for controversy. Even at 56 years old, he keeps his body like a well-oiled machine. So what’s his fitness secret? Scroll down to find out.

The Bollywood superstar’s perfectly toned physique is the envy of fitness enthusiasts. His obsession with fitness has helped him slow down the old age blues. While he remains an inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts, he helped many younger celebrities in the industry – from Arjun Kapoor to Sonakshi Sinha – get in shape.

Even with a busy schedule, Salman Khan manages to exercise for at least an hour or two every day, sometimes even past midnight. His workout routine includes a combination of exercises such as bench press, strength training, treadmill, sit-ups and push-ups, circuit training, and planks.

Dabangg Khan also takes a day off from his workout to rest his body. He also likes cycling. During his days off, you can often see him cycling on the road in and around the city. Cycling is a good way to keep the heart healthy and fit. He can cycle for 3 hours in a row. According to The Health, Salman eats protein and skim milk for breakfast. For lunch, he usually eats five chapatis, grilled vegetables and fresh green salads. He prefers to eat protein for dinner, with fish rich in Omega-3 or chicken with a portion of vegetable soup.

Salman Khan also likes to eat clean. Although he loves desi khana, he does take nutrition and health into account. He also cut back heavily on sugary and processed foods. Not only that he also stays away from protein supplements, steroids, and advises his fans to do the same. According to the ETimes report, Salman gave advice to all young fitness enthusiasts: “Nowadays there is a trend to take steroids, but it is really a wrong trend. I don’t think anyone should be using these. In fact, many people abuse steroids, which is very bad for their body because they can damage your liver and kidneys. A lot of people have died from exercising at the gym because of heart failure, so it’s not a good thing to do at all.”

Another piece of advice Salman gives to fitness enthusiasts is, “When you have the time, do your workout. I get free time after lunch break or after dinner, in the morning, or in between shots. When I have time, I train one body part Sometimes I train my abs, chest or legs because I don’t have time to spend an hour or two in the gym Everywhere I see a little spot I start doing exercises I think that you need fitness equipment to exercise, but if you don’t have it, you can go for traditional forms of exercise.”

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