Freddie Flintoff Is Leaving ‘A League Of Their Own’ After 12 Years!


Fans are in shock as famed TV presenter Freddie Flintoff has announced he will be leaving the show after 12 long years. As the celeb has achieved huge success and fame as the host of the popular show A League of Their Own, it’s finally time for Freddie to say goodbye.

Looking back on those 12 precious years that came with 16 series, six road trips across America, and a mud bath the host would rather forget, it was surely a memorable experience. The former cricketer has been a presenter of the show since its launch in 2010. Flintoff was seen as an entertaining presenter taking on the role of team captain during the thrilling series of sports-related challenges and quizzes. This announcer surely left fans heartbroken.

Freddie Flintoff has hosted the show for 12 years!

On a moving and heartfelt note, Freddie Flintoff posted some throwback photos which included a photo of himself all dressed up in drag! It was taken while he was in a 2017 episode and another photo showed the presenter with his former co-stars Jamie Redknapp, James Corden and Jack Whitehall. Freddie also thanked his fans who have listened to him over the years and everyone he has worked with on the show. The presenter returned to these glorious years while qualifying them as an unforgettable journey. Here is a retrospective photo of the presenters.

Former co-star Jack Whitehall also quit the show in 2018 while talk show host Janes Corden also had to step down due to busy work schedules due to her US talk show in 2019 and also due to Covid restrictions in 2020. Now Freddie is also bidding farewell to the long-running show.

Freddie Flintoff
Freddie Flintoff

Freddie Flintoff managed to be an adventurous presenter as he actively participated in challenges such as human bowling, cruising, diving and a mud bath! Viewers will see him as he is set to make his final appearance in the final chapter of the A League of Their Road Trip series, Road Trip: Dingle To Dover.

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