Former 49er Jeff Garcia goes after ESPN’s Mina Kimes in frenzy straight from 1995


Jeff Garcia learned the hard way that you don't fuck with Mina Kimes.

Jeff Garcia learned the hard way that you don’t fuck with Mina Kimes.
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I thought we, as a sports community, were moving away from the “You haven’t played the game, so you can’t comment on it” mindset. Maybe that’s just my echo chamber that doesn’t contain a voice like former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia.

His professional career began in the CFL and he was signed by the San Francisco 49ers in 1999. Garcia would make four Pro Bowls, three in a row, from 2000-02, and he would be the last quarterback to lead the 49ers. to the playoffs to Alex Smith in 2011. Sure, he’s passionate about this franchise, but a recent rant on an Instagram post was too much.

An Instagram account of a 49ers fan, @oursf49ers, posted a joke ESPN’s Mina Kimes made on first take. She said the current 49ers starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the “definition of being part of the group project getting an A while doing none of the work” — as a student I hated that kid, but as an adult I understand that it is not necessary to forego an afternoon of PlayStation when no one expects anything from you.

Garcia took great offense at Kimes’ comment and continued with a… tirade in the comments section of the post coming straight from a time when Crash Bandicoot was the pinnacle of video game technology. He posted 131 words about how Kimes has nothing to do with football because she never played, calling her a joke and then asking amen from knuckle-wearers far and wide who shared his feelings.

As the deadly social media weapon that Kimes is, she sent out a tweet that Garcia took out in about 16 words, simply pointing out that she was far from the only person to criticize Garoppolo.

“Apparently I was the only one to point out that Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t playing well last week,” Kimes screenshot from Garcia’s Instagram caption.

On that literal same episode of first takethe same segment, Stephen A. Smith got up from his chair and did a very funny imitation of Garoppolo at quarterback, with Smith handing a fake soccer ball to one as if he was driving back again and again. Smith has also nicknamed him, Porn-Star Jimmy – another good Stephen A. There are countless people in the sports media, people who played in the NFL and people who haven’t, who have criticized Garoppolo for being the second “postseason” in which he, the starting quarterback, has performed as a backing vocalist. Hell, his own team criticized him for acting on the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 draft to select a quarterback.

I wonder what has Garcia tapped so specifically about Kimes’ take? Doesn’t he watch a lot of sports TV and came across the Instagram post while scrolling and got furious? Was he the boy who didn’t participate in the group project? Does he spend his days blowing up people who criticize Garoppolo on social media and this one just happened to go viral?

Or maybe he has a problem with a woman who talks about pigskin?

I can’t be 100 percent sure, but I do know Kimes doesn’t need me to defend her football expertise. If you want to know how much she knows about the sport, listen to her podcast, or watch her NFL Live. Yes, she talks about advanced statistics, such as expected points being added, but she also provides facts that those who are more afraid of math than public speaking and death can appreciate. Like when she be aware that the Seattle Seahawks The biggest problem in recent years has been the poor job of the front office drafting in the first and second rounds of the past eight seasons.

Garcia, it’s understandable that you want to defend your team. It was a roundabout way to get to the NFL, and it was the 49ers who gave you the chance to play. As a result, a former CFL player landed in the Pro Bowl. But just because you don’t like an opinion doesn’t make it irrelevant. In the same way that you can’t refute football opinions just because you played in the NFL, chefs can’t discredit public opinion about their food just because the people who make the food have never worked in a professional kitchen.

Besides Garcia, who do you think looks better in this situation, someone who works for sports media’s Coca-Cola, or someone who goes out in the comments of an Instagram account for 49ers fans?

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