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Predicting Love And Weather Episode 4′ can surround Jin Ha Kyung and Han Ki Joon’s affair with them would be Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo’s blossoming love. Looking at the situation, Ha Kyung and Si Woo stand at the same crossroads where each of their partners cheated on them. Although their relationship itself showed all the possible red flags, they didn’t pay attention. However, getting cheated on by someone Ha Kyung had known for 10 years was something she might not have imagined. What hurt her the most was the way he acted like one of them didn’t bother him at all.

Meanwhile, reporter Choi was not at all happy to see Si Woo as her co-worker as she never wanted Han Ki to know that they were dating or staying together. Whenever weather news comes into play, Jin Ha Kyung makes a major decision. However, this time, Si Woo is in the picture.

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Love and Weather Forecast Synopsis

With the opening of the drama, we find a stressed and disappointed Ha Kyung. Her marriage to Han Ki does not go as she wished. Meanwhile, we get a photo of Lee Si Woo trying to mend his no longer existing relationship with reporter Choi. However, that doesn’t seem to work. At the Meteorological Administration, there was a hailstorm warning. After watching and analyzing all the statistics, Ha Kyung felt that it was not that impact; however, Si Woo had another opinion. According to him, the shower would take place and could even prove fatal for some. He released a new special, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Ha Kyung.

Forecast love and weather
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Later, Ha Kyung found out that Han Ki was cheating on her with reporter Choi. He decides to divide all their property and even wanted the authority of the house. To avoid all the commotion at work, Ha Kyung decided to take Switzerland’s offer. After a high tension at work that included both professional and personal Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo having a drink together, where she mentioned how she accepted and liked Han Ki with all his negatives, Ho the way he is behaved cannot be accepted. The next morning, the two woke up together when they remembered that they had spent it together.

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Upcoming Storyline Love and Weather Prediction Episode 4

Si Woo and Ha Kyung also stand at two different ends whenever they talk about the weather. Now, although they’re not a couple, their chemistry shines whenever they’re together.

Forecast love and weather
A photo from the series

For future episodes, it will be really interesting to see how Han Ki Joon reacts when he gets to know them. Although it’s too early to tell, however, their journey has begun and so far the drama has managed to keep audiences hooked on its episodes.

How to watch Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 4? Broadcast Details

The office romance genre drama Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 4 will be available on JTBC It’s Original Network. For international audiences, Netflix is ​​where the drama is already streaming. To enjoy it, you just need to follow the subscription plans, and after purchasing the subscription, that’s all you’ll need to get into the weather and love business.

When will Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 4 be released?

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 4 will be released on February 20, 2022. Song Kang and Park Min Young do their roles justice, while Lee Si Woo has a very approachable personality, while Jin Ha Kyung seems to be very strict with his decisions. The air is moving, and a merger between the warm air mass and the cold air mass has started, and so soon enough we can expect rain, but this time it will rain l love in the hearts of the main protagonists.

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