Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 3 Release Date: ‘We Are Like Two Air Currents Who Shouldn’t Have Met’


‘Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 3’ will begin by noting what happened between Si and Ha Kyung previously. At first glance, the two have no intention of dating, however, that’s not always what we want, is it? The way Han Ki Joon behaved was completely unacceptable. Although it’s too early to judge his entire character, even after cheating on his partner with a co-worker, the way he didn’t even flinch was something that can’t be condemned.

Si Woo has a very quirky personality. Her smile works most of the time as it lights up a situation, especially when it comes to Jin Ha Kyung. However, sometimes he is not taken seriously, perhaps because his ideas sound a bit out of place. Although everyone admires and knows about her intuitive personality, it seems that it will take time for some to realize her true potential.

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Love and Weather Episode 2 Recap

Nothing seemed to work for Jin Ha Kyung. She was struggling to keep up with both her personal and professional life. To make things even harder, she saw her fiancé, who she’s been cheating with for 10 years with someone else. And that someone else was none other than reporter Choi. It’s kind of an awkward crossover connection where now Journalist Choi’s ex and Han Ki Joon’s ex-fiancé will be dating in the future. What hurt Ha Kyung even more than the annulment of his marriage was Han Ki’s reaction. So easily, he accepted everything as if nothing had happened.

Forecast love and weather
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Meanwhile, the fateful lovers met in a restaurant where their conflicting personalities were shown. While Ha Kyung preferred a certain type of temperature, Lee Si Woo preferred something else. Back at work the next day, after having a talk with her mother about Han Ki’s pettiness, Ji Ha Kyung went to the Meteorological Administration. There, she saw Si Woo struggling to enter the workspace because he forgot his ID at home. On the other hand, Ha Kyung decides that she will consider moving to Switzerland for her job. However, even if temporarily, she wanted Si Woo to leave her team. Because he was someone completely outside of what she preached.

Later, when a problem arose in the office, Ha Kyung listened to both sides and wanted to consider both conditions equally. She met Han Ki Joon at the office and just as she was about to argue, Si Woo saved the day. Everything at work gets a little heated when Jin Ha Kyung slaps Han Ki Joon as if regretting his behavior. The episode ends with Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo waking up to find they spent the night together. Well, we didn’t see it coming.

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Future story of love and weather forecast episode 3

The way Episode 3 ended, surely made all the possibilities for the love song to come. However, their story still has a long way to go as Ha Kyung still has to overcome his ex and his inhibitions about it.

Forecast love and weather
A photo from the series

Although she has no intention of dating him, she can’t help but tend to be a little soft on him, although that doesn’t count when they’re at work.

How to watch episode 3 of Forecasting Love And Weather? Broadcast Details

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 3 will be available on its home network JTBC. This one is aimed at the South Korean audience. However, for international viewers, the drama is available on the global streaming platform Netflix.

When will Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 3 be released?

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 3 will be released on February 19, 2022. The drama airs weekly on Saturdays and Sundays with an approximate running time of between 60 and 80 minutes, although this may vary.

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