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Fisherman’s Friend is a British romantic comedy film released in theaters in 2019. This film received a limited release as it only entered 503 theaters. But despite a limited release, it still performed very well at the box office. It’s all down to the incredible storyline and the truly terrific performance of the main cast. Moreover, we believe that in today’s world, romantic comedies are becoming more and more famous. This could also be a big reason for this movie’s great performance at the box office. It’s a real masterpiece, and we think you can definitely understand that statement if you’ve watched this movie.

Still, if you’re one of those who haven’t watched this movie yet, we’d like to let you know that you’re missing out on a really crazy rom-com movie. We strongly advise you to watch this movie as soon as possible because you will surely have a great time. You can buy or rent this movie on Amazon Prime Video. This movie has a lot of attractive factors, so we would like to start by sharing some insights about the cast and crew of this movie. Chris Foggin is the director of this masterpiece film.

This romantic comedy film stars Daniel Mays, James Purefoy, David Hayman, Dave Johns, Sam Swainsbury, Tuppence Middleton, Noel Clarke, Christian Brassington, Maggie Steed, Vahid Gold, Jo Hart, Julian Seager and Christopher Villiers. Apart from the cast and crew, the filming locations are also a very attractive factor of this movie. We know that many fans of this movie are extremely curious about the filming locations of this movie. Therefore, don’t worry because we have all the amazing updates about it that you should know.

Where was Fisherman's Friend filmed?
A still from the movie

The fisherman’s friend: plot

This film revolves around Danny, a cynical musical director from London. Danny was invited by his colleague Henry for a bachelorette weekend where he got tricked by his boss Troy. Troy played a prank on them by signing a band of singing fishermen, causing Danny to doubt himself as musical director. Danny becomes the target, and he struggles to earn his respect and enthusiasm as he thought he was overwhelmingly better than the boy band that includes Jim, Jago, Leadville, and Rowan.

These boys value friendship and community over fortune and fame. Very soon, Danny re-evaluates himself, where he finally got to know the things that really matter in life. This incident changed his thought process, which gave him a chance to achieve a different kind of success that includes loyalty, love, and family. Also, he falls in love with Jim’s daughter. It’s definitely a must-see movie.

Where was Fisherman's Friend filmed?
Port Isaac

Where is Fisherman’s Friend filmed?

Fisherman’s Friend has some really cool and engaging filming locations. We know that the majority of fans are curious about these filming locations as they can definitely be their next vacation spots. Therefore, we have all the latest updates on this. Port Isaac, Cornwall and London are the three main filming locations for this film. But that’s not the end, we have a detailed description of all the filming locations. Looked:

The Golden Lion in Port Isaac
The Golden Lion in Port Isaac

As you all know, this film is about fishermen from Port Isaac. Therefore, Port Isaac is the first and main filming location for this film. Port Isaac is a very small village located in the United Kingdom. Another shoot from this movie is The Golden Lion in Port Isaac. The Golden Lion is a very famous pub in Port Isaac. Many other movies and shows are also filmed in this pub.

St. James Church in St Kew
St. James Church in St Kew

The church scene you saw in this film was filmed at Saint James Church in St Kew. St Kew is a town located near the north Cornish coast. Major of the first half of this film was shot at this location. Now let’s come to the second half of this film.

All parts of the city and other important scenes were shot in London. London is the heart of England and also the capital. Many of London’s iconic buildings and sights were very easily seen in this film. So here are some of the locations where all the filming for this movie took place. Honestly, all of these places are really attractive and fascinating.

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