Everything You Need To Know About SAS Australia 2022!


SAS Australia 2022 is once again in the trend zone. Well, it’s a reality TV series, and it covers every angle of solid military training. Moreover, fans have been watching this show desperately since 2020, and it is mainly because of its theme and storyline. And since the very first season, people have been eager to know all the intricate details of the series. Also, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about SAS Australia 2022. As for the members of this show, it seems that there are around 17 members from all over Australia.

Together, they must complete several tasks, which will help the judges determine which members have mental and physical strengths. And guess what? These tests are going to be pretty strong. But it will help them prepare for all subsequent SAS procedures. Apart from this, the viewers are also curious to know the backgrounds of all the respective judges. And upon closer inspection, you will learn that there are four instructors, and under their guidance, these members will create the entire path of their journey. Nevertheless, we will tell you all about SAS Australia 2022.

SAS Australia: true or false?

Well, since this show created a different identity in the minds of all the viewers, some of them strongly objected to the moves of the instructors. They claim that some of the tasks are fake. And this is by far one of the most asked questions. When it comes to the origin of this show, it looks like it’s risen to massive prominence, and the renewal proves it. And if you look closely, each member has to face realistic challenges, and the main goal of this show is to make its members fearless.

All you need to know about SAS Australia 2022
SAS Australia 2022

SAS Australia gives everyone a way to accept challenges, and guess what? Many members talked about their experiences on the show. After the end of the first season, it was revealed that the previous contestants also had to put limits on their food. They were often offered tasteless food, and sometimes they had to sacrifice their hunger. Since the instructors made sure they were pushed to their breaking point, and if those members had enough food to eat, the judges put them through tough physical challenges to exhaust them. Apart from that, they had to stay in the middle of the cold.

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So looking at these things, it’s pretty clear that the show isn’t fake. Everyone will have to do their chores as there will be no support provided. Moreover, in the new season, many members are already scarred by the show’s recruitment process. Once you enter there is no turning back. So far, the 2022 season has recently released its first two episodes. And while it hasn’t been long, some members are already close to breaking point. It looks like this season is going to be quite tough, and everyone is waiting for the episodes to premiere soon!

Where to watch SAS Australia 2022?

For all SAS Australia 2022 fans, you can catch up on recent episodes of this show at Channel 7 and 7 More, and regarding the timing, it is available at 7:30 p.m. It airs three days a week, Monday through Wednesday.

Management staff

The management staff are executive instructors and the entire team must function under their direction. However, when it comes to the judges, the four members are quite strict with their duties. And according to them, they are all ready to push newcomers to the worst. Above the management team, participants must ensure that they do not end up disappointing the chief instructor of this show. And guess what? The chief instructor is none other than the former soldier and a popular television personality – Middleton ant.

The management team of this show will issue judging challenges to the members
Management staff

Mathew Ollerton, Clint Emerson, and Dean Stot – These three personalities are the management team of this show. Little did you know it would be a deadly task for all recent members to compete under them. Speaking of Mathew, he’s a former special forces soldier and he’s been on this show before as well. Clint and Dean are the new members of the management team. Talking about their career, Clint was a former Navy SEAL and Dean is also a former British Special Forces soldier.

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