ENHYPEN’s Webtoon Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Recap


ENHYPEN’s webtoon, Episode 6 of “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”, will be released this weekend. While Sooha thought things would be better with moving to a new school and making friends. The troubles are just beginning. First night class at school, Sooha was happy that Shion and Solon were in the same class as her. While Shion was quite friendly with Sooha, Solon always kept his distance from her. But because of Shion, Solon had to give way to Sooha. When he was too annoyed to fight for the seat, he just let Sooha sit down even when she suggested she would take another seat.

As soon as class was over, Shion was back at Sooha’s office, asking about her plans after class. Upon hearing that she was going to clean her room, Shion decided to ask for help. Soon after meeting all the guys in the hallway, they were all ready to help her with the chores. Except for Solon who was still annoyed and wondered why the other guys missed Sooha so much. As they were all talking, soon Heli joined in too. As Jaan was talking about manners and how they should be nice to her because she’s new, everyone headed over to help her clean the room.

ENHYPEN episode 6 webtoon

‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Recap: Clean the Room and Reveal the Secrets

On their way to help Sooha clean her room, all the guys except Solon were happy to do so. Running, the guys started working as soon as they arrived. While Sooha told them not to do everything by themselves since it was his job, Jaan and Jiwoo were already picking up stuff. Shion also came to help and announced that cleaning was her favorite thing about the job. While all of this was happening, Solon stood right in the back calling his friends liars.

Watching everyone work, Sooha also picked a box to help out. But before Jaan could stop her, he saw her picking up a box with pacifiers that weighed over 100 kg. As she stood there carrying the weights with no problem, all the guys looked at her in shock. As Sooha was about to panic, Heli came to help her and asked her not to worry.

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Talking to him telepathically, Heli told him and all the guys not to worry. He told Sooha that he also had an ability like her, just like the other guys. While Solon was more annoyed with Heli for showing him his ability, Heli told them that he trusted Sooha with his secret. As she promised the guys that she wouldn’t tell anyone about her abilities, the other guys calmed down and revealed their secret powers as well. Shion revealed he can stick to surfaces while Jaan revealed he can lift any amount of weight. Jinu told him that he could start a fire with his hands at any time. As she turned to Solon, he told her that he would not reveal his power to anyone.

ENHYPEN episode 6 webtoon

‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 6 Release Date and What to Expect?

Episode 6 of ENHYPEN’s “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” webtoon will be released on February 20, 2022. As they walked out of Sooha’s room, the guys wished her good night. Now alone, Sooha wonders how she should feel about the boys. All her life she has been judged, bullied and misunderstood for her abilities. And now she doesn’t want to be the person on the other side. Trusting her new friends, Sooha is happy to know that there are people like her too. She is really happy to not be alone anymore. But trouble is not far from the door as a group of strangers have just entered the school in search of vampires.

Where to read the Webtoon of ENHYPEN, episode 6 of “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”?

ENHYPEN’s webtoon, “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” Episode 6 will be available to read on webtoon.

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