Enemy Mine Ending Explained: Does The Human And Dracs Race Make Peace?


Based on the short story of the same name by Barry B. Longyear, Enemy Mine is a 1985 science fiction action film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, written by Edward Khmara. Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, Jr. play human and alien warriors trapped on a hostile planet who must work together to survive. An international co-production involving the US, UK and West Germany, began filming in Budapest in April 1984 under the direction of Richard Loncraine, who soon ran into “creative problems” with producer Stephen Friedman and executives of 20th Century Fox.

After a week of filming, the project was canceled. After moving production to Munich, Petersen took over management and took over the Loncraine parts. The film, originally budgeted at $17 million but ended up costing over $40 million after marketing costs, was a box office disappointment during the 1985 holiday season, grossing just over 12 millions of dollars. The picture, however, was a hit in the former Soviet Union, where it was the first Western sci-fi film to hit theaters. Later he developed a cult following.

End of the enemy mine

Zammis explores, puzzled and confused by the sight of human scavengers abusing Drac slaves, to discover two of the scavengers, Stubbs and Jonathan, behind him. The brothers grab Zammis, but just as they take him away, an arrow pierces Jonathan, killing him. Unfortunately, Zammis runs between Davidge and Stubbs after getting away, distracting Davidge, who loses his aim. Stubbs draws his gun and shoots Davidge, who seriously injures him.

Stubbs takes Zammis and drags him into the mine as a new slave. Shortly after, two searchlights scan the area and spot an unconscious Davidge. At the earth station, deceased military personnel are given “space burials,” packed into capsules and launched into orbit to float among the stars.

The end of the enemy mine explained
Zammis is captured

They encounter a John Doe wearing a strange necklace with a small book attached, and they attempt to remove it. To their surprise, the body is still alive and Davidge is sent to another facility. Davidge is transported to the infirmary in a medical capsule, where his peers and superiors verify his identity. They are stunned to learn that he is still alive three years after his disappearance above Fyrine IV.

Davidge is keen to return to Fyrine IV and rescue Zammis as soon as he recovers. Arnold, the fighter squadron leader, is unable to stop him despite his authority. When station operations refuse to open the docking bay doors for him, Davidge opens them with his ship’s weapons and flies to Fyrine to rescue Zammis.

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Explanation of the end of the enemy mine: is Davidge able to save Zammis?

After landing, Davidge sneaks into the recovery camp and heads towards a group of hardworking Dracs. He attempts to communicate with the Dracs, asking about Zammis, but to no avail. Davidge kills the superior and the eldest slave of the Drac finally recognizes Davidge. He informs Davidge that Zammis is aboard the ship. En route to the main ship, Davidge attacks two other scavengers to gain access to other parts of the mine and disguise himself as a supervisor.

He heads for Zammis, who is imprisoned in a small cage. Davidge tries to let him out, but Stubbs arrives with two salvage miners. Stubbs examines Davidge’s face closely and recognizes him as his brother’s killer, so he captures him. With all of his remaining strength, Davidge retaliates and kills the two miners.

The end of the enemy mine explained
End of the enemy mine

Meanwhile, Arnold arrives alongside Davidge’s ship and heads to camp for necessary backup. Davidge battles Stubbs but is constantly distracted by the need to save Zammis, giving Stubbs the upper hand. Finally, Stubbs knocks out Davidge and pushes him and Zammis onto the mining cart. As he shouts and boasts, he is killed by a shotgun blast from the former Drac.

Finally, Arnold turns off the conveyor and removes Davidge and Zammis from the cart. Everyone watches in despair as Davidge cries over Zammis until Zammis tentatively extends Davidge’s hand. Davidge laughs with joy, relieved that Zammis is still alive. After some time, Davidge takes Zammis and the other Dracs back to Dracon and keeps his promise. He introduces Zammis to the holy council of the Drac and recites the Jeriba lineage so that Zammis can officially join his people.

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