Emmitt Smith Divorce: What Went Down?


There is a difference between a marriage and a marriage. It takes effort from both partners to stay in a marriage. And keep a healthy marriage? Well, you have to meet your partner’s demands, at least halfway. Speaking of Pat and Emmitt Smith, they fell in love with each other. They have been together for 20 years. But you know the saying, few things have an end, how hard do you try to make them work?

Something like that happened with Pat and Emmitt Smith. Their marriage is no longer alive. After 20 years of unconditional love and support for each other, it’s now at a point where they can’t go back. Pat and Emmitt Smith had an incredibly beautiful marriage and an incredibly successful career. It’s not everyday you hear something like that. Seeing a happy couple end like this after all these years seems too true to be true. It’s disappointing.

Pat and Emmitt Smith divorce

Emmitt Smith and Pat were two different people but complemented each other like no other. Emmitt Smith has now announced the end of their marriage. He announced on his Instagram and publicly that he and Pat were ending their relationship and marriage. They are now separating and divorcing.

Last year, in April 2021, the former couple celebrated their wedding milestone. That is to say, they celebrated them by completing 20 years. So it was all wrong? A publicity stunt? None of us want to believe it. No fan is even ready to hear it. Although Emmitt Smith made it official and public. He chose Instagram to give fans grief. There were reactions and responses to the message. But it looks like Emmitt Smith has deleted that post now. Either way, the damage was done.

divorce from Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith and his ex-wife Pat

Fans have already seen and noticed the message. Before Emmitt Smith could pull it off, it was released worldwide. It spread like wildfire. Reflecting on their past, Pat and Emmitt Smith met at a music festival. This was happening in Aruba and they somehow crossed paths. Since that day, Pat and Emmitt Smith were no longer strangers to each other. The former couple even have five children. They both celebrated their 20th birthday in April 2021. They both posted a photo of each other on their Instagram accounts. For the caption, they wrote a big but sweet passage explaining how much they love each other.

Emmitt Smith: A Brief Description

Emmitt James Smith III was born on May 15, 1969. Smith is a former American football running back. Emmitt James Smith also played for the NFL (National Football League). He played with them for 15 seasons! Emmitt Smith mostly played with the Dallas Cowboys. Having a huge record is what Emmitt Smith deserves after all his hard work for his passion and career. With every touchdown Smith made in those games, he began to settle into everyone’s hearts.

Emmitt James Smith was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Having a passion for his sport has been in him since the day he opened his eyes. He was only eight years old when he played his first football game. The team was sponsored by the Salvation Army. Emmitt Smith’s parents, Mary J. Smith and Emmitt James Smith, Jr., were always supportive of his life and career choices.

divorce from Emmitt Smith
Left to right, Emmitt Smith and Pat

Emmitt Smith graduated from Escambia High School. It’s in Pensacola. In his high school, he played football for the school team and ran track for the Escambia Gators. Under his presence in the team, he achieved many feats. And so, it was mentioned in the newspapers. After 20 years, when Emmitt Smith graduated from high school, he was named “player of the century” by the FHSAA, i.e. the Florida High School Athletic Association. The list of his accomplishments can go on and on.

Emmitt Smith married Miss Virginia USA, Patricia Southall, also known as ‘Pat’. They were married on April 22, 2000. He has three children with Pat, a daughter-in-law and a brother. Here’s Emmitt Smith’s Instagram: @emmittsmithand here is Pat’s Instagram account: @patsmithie.

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