Elizabeth Johnston’s Divorce: Has The ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Star Parted Her Ways?


Elizabeth Johnston is a cast member of the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons, in which Elizabeth plays a member of the famous television family. The show debuted in March 2015 on TLC. Elizabeth is the named social butterfly of this beautiful family. His parents, Amber and Trent Johnston have a biological daughter and a biological son. Her siblings are Jonah Johnston, Anna Johnston, Alex Johnston and Emma Johnston. Talking about her personal life, here we will discuss Elizabeth Johnston’s divorce.

Fans watched Johnston go through his first breakup with 7 Little Johnstons a few years ago. When her ex-boyfriend, James, texted her ending their relationship, the teenager was devastated. “I guess you could say I’m mad,” the reality star said at the time. His anguish, however, did not last long. Elizabeth has a new man in her life, and their bond is deeper than it’s ever been. Keep reading to learn more about the pair.

Elizabeth Johnston’s Divorce

James and Elizabeth separated a long time ago. Given the seriousness of their relationship, the couple’s breakup came as a surprise to many observers. Trent and Amber, Elizabeth’s parents, were also big fans of James. “With us being little people and Elizabeth being a little person, Amber and I immediately realized that wasn’t a problem for James,” Trent previously said.

Elizabeth Johnston Divorce
Elizabeth Johnston

Amber agreed, adding that in relationships like this, whether it’s an individual in a wheelchair or a small individual, you’re always going to be criticized like that. It doesn’t matter to the two people in this relationship if it’s not serious for them. And it’s obvious that James doesn’t care that Elizabeth is small while they’re together. James, however, posted a photo with another woman a few weeks after they broke up. “To see him go so quickly hurts,” admitted Elizabeth. She said she would miss him very much.

Luckily, the painter got a lot of help from her loyal social media fans. “I just finished watching your presentation, and it brought back memories of my first breakup. This will be one of many, my child!” wrote one person. “You are beautiful, and you have a lot for you. Maintain a strong bond with your family. They will always be your biggest supporters. A second fan added. “Really lovely lady…Don’t feel sorry for James because he doesn’t deserve you in the first place.”

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Who is Elizabeth Johnston’s new boyfriend?

Brice Bolden is the beautiful blonde’s boyfriend. Brice first appeared on Elizabeth’s Twitter feed in February 2019. However, she called him a “wonderful boyfriend” at the time. The footballer then shared a picture of Brice’s wedding promise, which featured a banner reading, “It would be my goal to go to prom with you.”

When Elizabeth posted photos of the roses she received from the eldest on social media on Valentine’s Day, it was clear the two were more than just pals. The elated athlete became poetic about her junior prom experience and posted pictures of Brice on her arm. She charmingly wrote, “It was a good night with this guy.”

After witnessing Elizabeth break up with James, fans were thrilled to see her so cheerful. “You are fantastic together! Just a thought!” Earlier this month, one Instagram user commented. “This has been a perfect example of when a door closes for someone, God opens a window,” said another.

Elizabeth Johnston Divorce
Elizabeth Johnston

Are Brice and Elizabeth still together?

We finally see the couple’s relationship play out on film, more than two years after they first appeared on social media. In a September 2021 episode, it was stated that the two were considering moving in together. “Brice is absolutely someone I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Elizabeth remarked. She added that he is unquestionably a genuine, kind and caring person who gets along great with my family, and those are the qualities I admire most about him. It’s pretty much done for me to meet him and maybe have a future with him.

Elizabeth spoke candidly about her love fears, saying most people focus on her size, but that’s not a problem for Brice. “Liz is fantastic. I love being with her and would be happy to stay with her for a long time if she wants to.” He blushed saying that. “How could I not stay with her because she’s been so amazing I mean, I would never give it up.

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