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Trading is one of the most lucrative ways to earn with crypto. However, years of experience are needed to actually trade profitably. Fortunately, thanks to Teneo, it is now possible to make a profit from trading without any real trading experience.

The Teneo ecosystem provides users with arbitrage opportunities and removes the possibility of a pump and dump as selling pressure from other holders of Teneo tokens does not affect you as a holder. You can even take advantage of the transaction fees that sellers pay. This is a revolutionary system that works differently from a typical crypto token.

How it works

The Teneo ecosystem has two tokens, the Pegged tenXXX tokens and the Teneo Token (TEN).

The linked tenXXX tokens

The pegged tenXXX tokens serve as a hedge against the volatility inherent in crypto and are pegged to an underlying asset such as WBTC, BTC or an ERC-20 or BEP-20 token. Assuming it’s pegged to ETH, the Teneo Automatic Market Maker (AMM) stores a ten ETH token every time someone locks in an ETH. On the other hand, every time an ETH is unlocked, a ten ETH is burned.

You can seamlessly switch your tenETH tokens back to ETH at any time in a ratio of approximately 1:1, but you will be charged a fee of approximately 1.2%. The fees will be redistributed to holders of tenXXX and liquidity providers and also used to redeem the Teneo token.


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This design allows arbitrage traders to take advantage of the Teneo tokens by buying tienETH when the price of ETH rises on an exchange. They can then exchange it for Ethereum on another exchange and sell it at a higher price. If the price of Ethereum falls, the price of tienETH adjusts to that of Ethereum and the token is secured because it is linked to an underlying asset, so there is no pump and dump.

The Teneo Token (TEN)

The Teneo Tokens (TEN) are used to power the entire Teneo ecosystem. Holders can participate in the board and also stake the tokens in different pools to earn rewards. Pools create a minimum price limit because the tokens have a tied price. As more pools are created, there will be a greater need for TEN tokens, which will drive up demand and price.

Another important advantage is that TEN holders buy back all tenXXX tokens, making it deflationary and thus potentially increasing in value. The tokens are also used to store NFTs in the ecosystem.

The project has passed a security audit from Zokyo with a score of 99.6% and will launch on February 22, 2022. Interested investors can get in early on any of the following launch pads:

Moonstarter (February 17, 2022, 12:00 UTC): https://moonstarter.net

Synapse (February 15, 2022, 09:00 UTC): https://app.synapse.network

DuckDAO (February 22, 2022): https://duckstarter.io

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