Dreamcatcher Confirms Comeback In April 2022


Girl group Dreamcatcher confirmed their comeback in April 2022. The seven-member girl group has been away from their fans for a long time. However, seven months after their last release, the girls are back with a full new album. Their record label, Dreamcatcher Company, also confirmed the news with an official statement. Further details like their upcoming music release and schedule have yet to be announced by DREAMCATCHER.

On February 22, the company Dreamcatcher announced that their girl group was preparing for a comeback. They plan to return with new music in early April. InSomnia (fandom name) are really excited to see the girl group making their comeback in 2022. Therefore, they have been spreading the good news on all SNS platforms.

DREAMCATCHER will be back in April 2022

Yes, Dreamcatcher Company’s girl group DREAMCATCHER is confirmed to be making their comeback in April 2022. However, no particular release date is shared with the public. But the company announced that the girls have completed the registration process. So, InSomnia can hope to get more details about the upcoming album soon.

The septet made their last comeback in July with the special mini-album “Summer Holiday” and its title track “BEcause”. Since their debut in 2017, the group has released two special albums, 3 Single albums, 9 Eps and numerous singles. Most of their songs are very popular with the Knetz. And we expect the same to happen with the upcoming project. Since it will be a full album, fans are very excited to keep up with the new tracks from Dreamcatcher.

Return of Dreamcatcher 2022
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Initially, Dreamcatcher was called MINX and consisted of five members: JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. In November 2016, the group re-debuted with a new name (Dreamcatcher) and added two new members: Handong and Gahyeon. The group is extremely talented and works hard on every comeback. Thus, they would like to see girls get more attention and rewards.

In January, all Dreamcatcher members opened their personal Instagram accounts. They interacted with the fans, and we would love to hear about the upcoming album from the members.

Are you excited for the return of Dreamcatcher?

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