Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 70 Release Date: Midheal’s Resolve


With Dragon Quest Episode 70 coming soon. We’ll be eager to see how Midheal’s fight continues. She seems to be struggling, though things seem to be getting worse for her as even her Thousand Needle attack isn’t helping her this time. Her adversary also revealed to her that there would be no need to sacrifice anything as she instead seeks to save Lord Hadlar. Based on how things are going. Hadlar is on the verge of death and Albinass only fights to protect and save him.

Albinass thinks Vearn’s supercharged dark magic can save him, and she’s fighting for it right now. She intends to defeat anyone who comes her way just so she can go to Vearn to ask for a favor. Vearn appears to possess powerful dark magic that may be the only way to save Hadlar. Albinas is ready to save Hadlar no matter what it takes. Even though she knows that Hadlar doesn’t approve of dark magic and would get angry if he found out. She’s willing to take that risk as long as it means saving Hadlar from doom.

Albinass thinks the only way to go is to kill those who stand in his way. She has also demonstrated the ability to use the Thousand Needle Attack, which is already making things worse for Midheal. Their fight continues with Midheal completely on the defensive, so Abinass takes her time as she knows victory will soon be hers.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 70 Release Date

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure Episode 70 will be released on February 19, 2022. The anime releases new episodes on Saturdays and has done so since its debut last year. At first it was planned for only 50 episodes. But as the anime grew in popularity and popularity, its continuation was extended indefinitely.

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Albinass moves to fight at full strength as she looks to settle her fight against Midheal. They’ve been at it for a while and Albinass made it easy to work with Midheal. Her powers rest with the Queen, a piece that rarely moves, and she doesn’t want to waste any more time in this battle.

Dragon Quest: Dai's Adventure Episode 70
Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure Episode 70

We managed to see Ablinass in full when things needed to get more interesting. It looks like Midheal will find it nearly impossible to survive this one. But looking forward to her victory makes things even more interesting, and we’re waiting to see how she would handle such a situation.

Albinass goes on to state the characteristics of her new transformation based on the queen of chess. Her new transformation gives her hands and feet like she would usually disable them in her usual fighting style.

With her new power-up, she easily forces Midheal to defeat and is about to use Kasizz, the best spell in her arsenal. It is derived from the thousand needle attack. And we have already seen how dangerous a needle attack is. Kasizz should therefore be much more powerful than that.

With Midheal nearly defeated, Alibinass launches several attacks to finish him off. But somehow, Midheal barely managed to survive the onslaught of Albinas. She begs Albinass to stop as she doesn’t want to fight with Albinas. This explains why she’s always been on the defensive and hasn’t counterattacked, so we should soon see if she’s really serious or if she can do more as well.

Where to watch Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure Episode 70

You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 70 online at Anime Hodai, Crunchyroll, Hulu and bilibili. New episodes are broadcast locally in Japan. But for international fans, they will be available on these platforms the same day they air. So wherever you watch, you can get new episodes every Saturday.

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