Director Kim Sang Ho Talks About Thirty-Nine’s Cast And Their Chemistry


“Thirty-Nine” director Kim Sang Ho recently shared her thoughts and views on the behind-the-scenes cast and their beautiful chemistry.

“Thirty-Nine” is the next South Korean drama series that has caught the attention of global media, and now the show’s popularity has increased a lot. Depicting the story of three women in their late thirties, the show will take us on a roller coaster of emotions. We will meet Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun, who have been friends since high school and will now encounter and endure unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

About to enter their 40s, the ladies will make it clear to society that even at such a mature age, they can still do things that aren’t considered so “normal” for them. They have different professions and try their best to get through their daily lives.

Kim Sang Ho Talks About The Cast And Their Characters

Talking about Son Ye Jin’s character, Sang Ho said that Cha Mi Jo as the head dermatologist was perfection. Coming from a wealthy family, she grew up in a loving and principled environment, even though she was an adopted child. She has no difference in her personality both front and inside. The Mi Jo character is basically perfect in everything, and so they needed a perfect actor to play this role too so that the viewers could get the full essence of the role.

The director of
Son Ye Jin

He said that Son Ye Jin was perfect for the role because she has a sense of stability that made it easier for her to lead the trio.

Moving on to Jeon Mi Do, he said his character, Chan Young, was one of the most unique and individual among the three friends.

The director of
Jeon Mi Do

He went on to say that when a role doesn’t fit well with an actor, it ends up distracting both the character and the actor. Jeon Mi Do is a genius in this field. She enlists Chan Young, who is a very good acting teacher and learned the role with her heart. He pointed out that the sincerity of the character will be greatly represented by Mi Do.

Explaining further, Sang Ho mentioned that he was most troubled by the role of Jang Joo Hee. He didn’t know who would bring this role to life in a great way.

The director of
Kim Ji Hyun

Thinking the same, he mentioned that he asked Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do to recommend someone. And that’s how he met Kim Ji Hyun. When he approached her, she was in a musical and he watched her performance. And that’s when it all clicked. He said his bubbling energy was contagious and a perfect fit for the role of Joo Hee, who is the manager of a large cosmetics store.

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Kim Sang Ho talks about the show

Kim Sang Ho described the synopsis of “Thirty-Nine” a bit and said that when Chan Young discovered his terminal illness, everyone in the drama series has a deep realization that everything ends at some point. given. Once they realize the truth about the ‘End’, they learn a new meaning of ‘Now’.

He pointed out that the drama series is not about how painful and dreadful death can be. Rather, it’s about the freshness and importance of living life freely and fully knowing that one day it will all end.

Director Kim Sang Ho Talks About The Casting Of Thirty-Nine And Their Chemistry
Pictures of Trente-nine

In conclusion, Sang Ho mentioned that he wanted this drama series to convey to all of its viewers the meaning of a sincere life through three longtime friends who decide to live their lives to the fullest while facing the truth about the death of their friend.

The drama series premiered on February 16, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. KST. You can watch “Thirty-Nine” on Netflix.

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