Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19 Release Date: The Search For Kazuma


On the Digimon based anime for this season, we are looking forward to what Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19 will bring us next. Recent episodes have focused a bit on hologram technology, which is still a fresh topic in the Digimon world. With paranormal phenomena appearing frequently in the near future, they became known as Hologram Ghosts. While Asdas was sleeping, he was visited by a hologram ghost who wanted to take him somewhere funny.

Know how the ghosts turned out to be in recent episodes. This could be one of their schemes, and the situation looks very suspicious. As day breaks in the land of children, things seem as normal as ever, with nothing out of the ordinary.

But as we saw in the beginning, some of the Digimon ghosts reported that Kazuma, one of their friends, was missing. They were the Hawkmon and managed to befriend a human. But as we know there are different types of Digimon Ghosts. We’ve already seen Kazuma’s abduction in place, and that would require investigation.

The Digimon ghost who had kidnapped him seemed to have special powers that would put people to sleep. It was quite easy for him to do his abductions since no one would wake up once his powers kicked in. It’s been a week since Kazuma disappeared, and nothing is known of his family or whereabouts. The Hawkmons therefore seek help to find Kazuma as soon as possible. Hiro will have yet another mission in this episode, so let’s see how it goes.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19 Release Date

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19 will be released on February 20, 2022. With a Sunday release schedule, it shouldn’t be long to see how the next episode continues with all that action.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 18 Highlights

Hiro prepares to rescue Kazuma, who disappeared a week ago with the help of the Hawkmon, he will be looking for clues as it has been a while since the abduction. And we also don’t know what kind of ghost Digimon he will face, but at first glance it seems very dangerous.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19
Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19

The first clue they had was to go ask Kiyo, who is said to possess a lot of wisdom. And knowing his usual self, he was still a carefree individual who was always carefree. Since he is also obsessed with detective work, he took the opportunity to see how far he developed his skills.

While the investigation continues, Kiyo decided to help out by going door to door to see if anyone knew about Kazuma. This only led to more problems for Kiyo as he is introverted and people generally found him irritating. Using his Digimon ghost to pretend to have magic, he managed to sneak into a stranger’s house. But that wouldn’t look good to him since the owner of the house was planning to call the police about him.

While inside, he noticed that people in the house had some of their memories missing or not connecting. So someone might have messed up because they don’t even know why they have an extra pair of shoes on their doorstep. Kiyo’s intuition might work well for him this time. So finally, he managed to find pictures of Kazuma in the house and on Kazuma’s mother’s phone. But what was really weird about it was that she seemed to have no memory of Kazuma and wondered who Kazuma could be since his pictures were all over her house.

Where to Watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19

You will be able to watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 19 online on Crunchyroll, VRV and Anime Hodai. The next episode will be released on Sunday, so it should also be available on these platforms for streaming worldwide.

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