Did you know what Angad Bedi did to impress and marry Neha Dhupia?

Angad Bedi only did this to impress and get married to Neha Dhupia - Read More
Angad Bedi only did this to impress and get married to Neha Dhupia (Photo Credit : Instagram)

Neha Dhupia surprised everyone when she married her friend Angad Bedi in a silent wedding on May 10, 2018. The couple is currently parenting and blessed with two adorable munchkins – a 3-year-old daughter named Mehr and a toddler son, Guriq. Every time they go out together, they make sure to steer important relationship goals. Neha and Angad together with their children make a cute family.

But did you know what Angad Bedi had to do to impress his beloved? No, not even us until now. The Soorma actor in his latest interview is spilling the beans like never before.

Angad Bedi revealed to Curly Tales that since he didn’t have enough money to buy a luxury car like Neha, he decided to save some money, take out a loan and buy a car to impress her. Angad said: ‘When I met her, I said, ‘Yaar, isse shaadi karni hai, paise toh hai nahi (I want to marry her but I have no money).’ I was like, ‘Yeh BMW mein ghoomti hai, at least ek gaadi toh thodi upar ki leni padegi (she travels in a BMW, I knew I should at least buy a nice car).’ So I saved up some money, got a loan and bought my first car to impress her. It had nothing to do with the car, I promise you, and it had nothing to do with it. It’s just, when the time is right.”

Neha responded and said, “Honey, come on. Achchi thi, yaar, meri gaadi (My car was nice).”

Angad Bedi later added: “Come on, she’s a heroine, she’s made a good name, so you have to level up, right? Thodi na main DTC bus mein ghumaunga (It’s not like I can join her take in a Delhi Transport Corporation bus).” But in the end he said there was nothing wrong with being on a DTC bus.”

aww! Aren’t they the cutest?

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