Did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis Break Up? Things After their Divorce


Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis, these two have been in the headlines since the beginning of their affair. Many believed that after the divorce the affair was nothing more than a rebound. Although the couple seem really in love. We will provide you with the whole truth about them. We all know how much celebrities love to show off their relationships on social media platforms. Some of these relationships become goals like Priyanka and Nick, although some are for social media purposes only.
Dave Hollis is a bestselling author. Other than that, he is also a motivational speaker, host, and the CEO of The Hollis Co. Dave also served as President of Theatrical Distribution at Walt Disney Studios. He was married to Rachel for almost 16-17 years.

On the other hand, Heidi Powell is also an author, American fitness trainer and youtuber. She hosts The Extreme Weight Loss with her ex-husband, Chris. Both couples said they gave their marriage a chance, though things didn’t work out. Despite all the problems of the past, all four are happy now. Recently, news came in that Rachel was also dating someone in secret, still no confirmation.

Did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis break up
Dave Hollis with his ex-wife Rachel Hollis

About the ex-marriages of Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis:

Before letting the cat out of the bag, let’s first get to know it a little. The two couples got divorced almost at the same time and after a few months their dating news came out. This news was confirmed when Dave uploaded a photo of them with a long caption on Valentine’s Day. Her confession of love wasn’t the only thing that confirmed the news. Heidi Powell also confirmed the news. You can tell they are both happy together now. After getting divorced, the two confirmed their dating news within months! It’s weird. But Dave Hollis’ ex-wife Rachel has hinted they have been struggling in the marriage for three years. Hollis decided to divorce after their continued attempts to start the fire, but consistently failed.

Did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis break up
Heidi Powell with her ex-husband, Chris Powell

Heidi and Chris Powell’s marriage also ended the same way. In 2010, they got married after knowing each other long before that. Chris posted a photo of them with their split announcement in the caption. Fans were shocked to learn of their struggles to make their marriage work. Maybe that’s why their differences hid behind their couple goals like pictures. After the truth, the two separated while agreeing to co-parent their children. Heidi Powell also blogged about her moving day and uploaded it to her you-tube channel.

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On Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis’ relationship:

Before deciding, did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis break up? Let us know when and how it started. In one of Heidi Powell Videos, she did a Q/A that mentioned how they met. When Heidi Powell was going through her divorce in secret, Dave texted her to do an endorsement, it was the first time. After that, Dave asked Heidi and Chris Powell to come on as a celebrity couple on their podcast. Heidi didn’t respond to her because of her reluctance to date.

Did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis break up
Dave Hollis and Heidi Powell

A few months later, when Heidi heard the news of Dave and Rachel’s divorce, she messaged them to convey her sympathy. However, Rachel forgot to react but Dave did and that’s how their conversation started. In May 2021, Heidi and Dave met for the first time to do a podcast together. After that, the friendship grew stronger and they both supported each other during this difficult time.

Did Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis break up?

Rumors of their breakup surfaced when the couple didn’t post anything together. Although, Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis are still in a relationship and living together! Few months ago, Heidi Powell uploaded another video on his you-tube channel revealing their house in which they both live together. They also shared their feelings for involving their children and letting them know each other. But how can we confirm that the rumors are true or not? Well, two weeks ago, Rachel said some bad things. Although Dave ignored all of these allegations, Heidi responded indirectly. Heidi replied to criticism through her Instagram story, explaining how grateful she is to have a co-parent like Chris. Thanks to her indirect answer, we can conclude that Heidi and Dave are still attached to each other.

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