Detroit celebrates Matthew Stafford’s Super Bowl berth is a bad look


Matt Stafford is now playing in LA, in case you hadn't heard.

Matt Stafford is now playing in LA, in case you hadn’t heard.
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Unpleasant: Detroit

By: Rob Parker

Regarding: Matthew Stafford

Shame on you, Detroit.

It’s bad enough that one of America’s biggest sports cities is going through it.

We understand it. The pistons are bad. The Lions have been stinking this season. The Red Wings are a shadow of their former Stanley Cup-winning selves. And the Tigers aren’t really close to winning that elusive World Series any time soon.

Still, this city shouldn’t lose pride or self-esteem to hero worship from a player who didn’t produce in Motown. Worse still, he wanted to leave and gave up the organization and the city that drew him for 12 seasons.

Matthew Stafford — who, remember, wanted a trade — doesn’t deserve the gold treatment many Detroit sports fans have given him since the Los Angeles Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game to earn a spot in the Super Bowl in LA on Feb. 13.

So-called Detroit fans celebrated like the Lions were going to the Super Bowl.

For me, who spent twenty years in that great city as a sports columnist, TV analyst and sports talk radio host, it was shockingly disappointing to watch.

The city never saw an adversary celebrate.

If the city actually wanted to hold a parade for Stafford, there would have been enough fans to line Woodward Ave as if it were the annual Thanksgiving parade.

They flooded social media with messages of praise and admiration. A new baby wouldn’t have gotten that much play. They pulled out old photos taken with the QB to brag to their friends, “Hey, look at me and my boy Stafford.”

They set fire to sports radio, threw rocks at the Lions, and declared that it was not Stafford’s fault that the team never won a playoff game when he was the starting quarterback. New. They destroyed the property and the coaches he had. And they tore up the other players who played with Stafford.

T-shirts were even made that read: Detroit Rams.

It must have been a sad, pathetic celebration.

There’s no reason you Detroiters should sit so low and pretend this city never won anything.

The Bad Boy Pistons must be huddled together. They won consecutive titles when the whole NBA was against them and their style of play. Back then it was really Detroit vs. everybody.

The 2004 Pistons was another team that had nothing to do with winning a title for your city. After all, the Los Angeles Lakers had FOUR future Hall of Famers on their team, and the Pistons had NO superstars. But Detroit won in the first five-game sweep in NBA Finals history. Yes, the Pistons should have won all five games. It wasn’t close.

Sure, it’s been a while for you Tigers. But they did win some memorable fall classics, including 1984 when they went wire-to-wire. The city was crazy to them.

And the Wings have won 11 Stanley Cups. That’s why hockey fans all over the US and Canada call your city Hockeytown.

Enter the lions. We understand the frustration. The Lions have won exactly ONE playoff game since 1957. And that was way back in 1993.

Still, it’s feeble to celebrate Stafford for joining a packed team in Los Angeles. Many of you give him credit for getting the Rams there.

It’s total BS, bullshit.

The Rams went to the Super Bowl four years ago with your current QB Jared Goff. This is not new to LA

Instead of making up a false story and wiping away all the guilt of Stafford and his time in Detroit, fans should be mad at Stafford when they watch Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Stafford had to do what Burrow did in no time, turn a downtrodden organization into a winner. That’s what the No. 1 overall picks are made for.

Stafford, a No. 1 overall pick, failed and went winless in three games after the season. Burrow is only in his sophomore season and has won the Bengals for the first time since 1989 in the Super Bowl.

Yes, it’s not impossible to flip a franchise when you get a real franchise quarterback.

There’s only one hope for fake Detroit fans rooting for Stafford and the Rams: Stafford will lose two Sundays from now. It would be fitting if there was a signature interception by Stafford to seal the deal for Cincy.

It would serve your defectors well. Detroiters should only root for Detroit teams and players. Period of time.

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