Detective Conan Bride of Halloween New PV & Theme Song Announced


Detective Conan is once again in the spotlight due to new updates on the upcoming movie. According to the latest announcements on Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween has announced a new PV and theme song. The series has been serving us for quite some time now and each time offers something new and unique. The mystery thriller manga and anime series is one of the oldest series and bears its name along with the One Piece series. We don’t all have to wait very long to see another piece of franchise art and entertainment.

The release of Detective Conan’s Bride of Halloween will mark the franchise’s 25th feature film milestone. It has become a big deal not only for the creators but also for the fans, and it feels like a Silver Jubilee celebration. Ever since the announcement of the new Detective Conan movie, fans have been searching for new updates every day. Following the release of official visuals on December 23, 2021 for the series that gave us a glimpse of the film’s main character line, we’re ready to hear the film’s theme song. Along with the new official PV of the film, it will surely drive fans crazy for the image.

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About Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride

Key visuals for the film have been released along with the film’s release date. These visuals allowed Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi to wear wedding dresses. The way of teasing the fans turned out to be excellent, and they already had good research on the plot and the other actors in the film. The new Detective Conan movie is said to put a lot of emphasis on the Police Academy characters.

Not only that, according to the trailer, the movie will only focus on these characters. The film’s main voice cast will include Minamo Takayama, Rikiya Kiyama, Toru Furuya, Wakan Yamazaki, and others. The film is produced by TMS Entertainment Studio under the direction of Susumu Mitsunaka. All music tracks in the movie are given by Yugo Kanno, while his theme song was announced recently

Detective Conan Halloween Bride
Detective Conan Halloween Bride

Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride Plot

Since we’ve had a look at the plot and progression of the upcoming movie, here’s what you’ll be able to see when it releases. The plot of the film is shared by creator Gosho Aoyama and made fans super excited. The film’s progression will unfold around a wedding in Shibuya that takes place on Halloween. At the start of the film, there will be an attack on Miwako, and the main culprits of the serial bombing that killed Jinpei Matsuda three years ago will break out of prison. Rei will run errands to get her hands on this escaped prisoner, but while he’s looking for them, another attacker will drop a necklace bomb on him. When things get more serious and mysterious, Rei will involve Conan for further investigation.

Detective Conan Bride of Halloween key visuals
Detective Conan Bride of Halloween key visuals

Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween Announced New PV and Theme Song

Early on February 14, 2022, Valentine’s Day, the creators of Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween released a new trailer that features the movie’s theme song. Ahead of the film’s final release on April 15, 2022, we’ll be hearing a lot from you, just like we heard today. The trailer features the new song “Chronostasis” by Japanese rock band “CHICKEN BOOT”. Likewise, the boy group announced the same on their official Twitter account and left overwhelmed words on the tweet. They said, “Thank you so much for choosing our song for the 25th Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween. We feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with the historic animated series. We are eagerly awaiting its release. »

During their 26-year career, they performed many rock songs and their songs even appear in many anime series. They have worked with anime series like ‘Tales of the Abyss’, ‘Doraemon’, ‘Blood Block Battlefront’, ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’, ‘Last Hope’, and ‘Karakuri Circus. However, this is the first time they’ve given their song and voice for the Detective Conan franchise.

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