Destiny 2’s latest villain is roasting players on social media


In the run up to Lot 2‘s The Witch Queen expansion, players got the chance to interact with Savathûn, the game’s newest villain. In a PR stunt cleverly disguised as Savathûn who de Lot 2 Twitter account fired off the titular Witch Queen a few fire tweets, anyone foolish enough to wander into her mentions.

Savathûn kicked off her social media takeover with the tweet, “I’m unburdened – hollow, filled only with potential. Weightless. Pure,” which is frankly a mood. When the official Xbox account replied somewhat derisively, Savathûn unleashed all four barrels of The Fourth Horseman and began her short but brilliant Twitter career.

Savathûn had no respect for persons, neither player nor journalist was spared from her poisonous tweet, as evidenced by this cheeky own of Forbes journalist Paul Tassi.

As an eldritch told Cthullian horror me to touch grass I would touch grass first and decay second on the spot.

Lot 2 players used the direct line to the Witch Queen to ask questions about the lore, and some of Savathûn’s nastier tweets were her answers.

When she wasn’t reading the whole book D2 Twitter community for filth, Savathûn’s posts were almost philosophical, providing some insight into the creature Guardians will be fighting once the expansion launches next week. The stunt ended with a tweet from the Lot 2 social team that essentially says, “Uhh, I think we’ve been hacked?”

Despite being the villain of The Witch Queen expansion, Savathûn has fans who didn’t want the roast-a-thon to end there. A Lot 2 clan went the extra mile by paying for a cameo from Savathûn’s legendary voice actress Debra Wilson to give an in-character shoutout.

I’m not Lot 2 player. While I enthusiastically consume the lore and enjoy some of the characters (Hey Zaddy-vala!), I find the game itself so impenetrable that I repeatedly bounced right out of it. I am however Everything in On The Witch Queen for one reason alone: ​​Savathûn. You must understand, I am a woman of simple taste, I see a large monstrous lady who wants to end all life also voiced by Debra TEA Wilson, I simp.

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