Davidson swim team pelvic thrust VCU from free-throw rhythm


Virginia Commonwealth faced an unusual distraction while shooting free throws against Davidson.

Commonwealth of Virginia faced an unusual distraction while shooting free throws against Davidson.
Image: Davidson

Concentration is the key to peak performance in sport. When shooting free throws, many players have rituals that they undergo before attempting. Steve Nash is one of the best free throw shooters of all time — posting a career rate of 90.43 percent. His ritual was to mimic his shot a few times, then lick his fingers, never taking his eyes off the rim. There were a few instances where fans of umpires threw Nash out of his grooveand in general, that’s when Nash would miss. Jerry Stackhouse would squat down to an absurdly low level before firing, and Flint Tropics legend and famous fictional promoter Jackie Moon would mimic his shot a few times, spin the ball back to himself and peck the ball a few times before tossing it granny style.

Interrupting a player’s ritual can have a devastating effect on their ability to concentrate, sinking the free throw. So in several arenas across America, fans have taken the liberty of creating distractions during their opponents’ free throw shots. Who can the “distraction curtainapplied by the 942 Crew in the State of Arizona? I assure Michael Phelps has not. Remember when fans got so fed up with the time it took Giannis Antetokounmpo to attempt a free throw that they started counting every second the Greek Freak had the ball to propel the game? Well, I think the Davidson swim team just raised the bar.

In the words of Shooter McGavin after seeing two fat naked bikers in the woods of 17 having sex, “how am i supposed to chip with that?” That’s 13 men in speedos performing pelvic wizardry behind the board. To make matters worse, the guy fourth from the left messes up the whole rhythm. You see that happening and you can’t help but be furious. It’s an impossible question for someone at the finish line.

So now the question I bet you all would love to know: “Was it effective?”

Davidson’s (17-3) opponent was Virginia Commonwealth University (12-6). During the season VCU shot 65 percent from the free-throw line. In their game at Davidson, VCU shot 50 percent (9-18) from the line, their second worst percentage of the season. It’s safe to say that VCU shooters were a bit thrown off as they walked to the line.

Davidson swimmers wearing speedos to home basketball games has become somewhat of a tradition at the school. Swimmer Luke Burton was seen dancing in his speedo behind the board and in front of a visibly uncomfortable older man. Burton would eventually be kicked out of the arena for his jokes. However, the tradition has been around much longer than that.

If Davidson’s current swimmers can find good leopard print swimwear, that would be the pinnacle of this diversion technique. There’s zero chance that someone on the free-throw line can focus on the rim when an entire savanna is printed at 13 crosses in their peripheral view. No chance!

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