Dark Fantasy Manga, Ragna Crimson Anime Adaptation Announced?


When it comes to the discussion of the dark shonen genre, there have been several people who love it. The genre takes the thrill on one side and the realism on the other and fades into the dark. Years of anime production have noticed the growth of cruelly realistic stories reaching the top. While fluffy fiction is enjoyable, people also enjoy watching the darker roads that end leaving a sense of emptiness and despair. The Ragna Crimson Anime adaptation adds to the dark anime library this year. The manga has sold thousands of copies in Japan, which has gotten several fans excited for its anime adaptation.

Ragna Crimson is a dark fantasy and action manga written and illustrated by Daiki Kobayashi. The manga is published by Square Enix and has been serialized in Monthly Gangan Joker Magazine since 2017. So far, the manga has been released in 9 volumes under the GC Joker imprint. As of February 2021, Square Enix has started publishing the manga in English.

Ragna Crimson is a story set in a fantasy land with dragons, warriors, hunters and magic. Want to know more about the anime adaptation of Ragna Crimson? Here’s everything we know about the news so far.

Ragna Crimson anime announced?

As of February 20, 2022, a very reliable Weibo user has leaked that a Ragna Crimson anime adaptation will be announced soon. So far we only know the confirmation of the anime adaptation and nothing more. The source manga is nearing its finale and will likely be concluded soon. The Ragna Crimson manga is at its peak and preparing readers for its end. It might not be long before we get an official announcement of the anime adaptation.

Animated adaptation of Ragna Crimson
Manga cover: Ragna Crimson

About Ragna Crimson

Ragna Crimson takes place in a world where dragons terrorize the world. They dominate the sky, the sea and the earth. Those who fight these dragons are called “dragon slayers” and they are people with great strength.

Ragna and Leon are two hunters who fight Dragons and to do this they train hard. One day Ragna meets his future self who tells him that Leon will die and a dangerous dragon will invade the kingdom in the near future. To change such a fate, the future Ragna gives him all his powers and a silver sword and then fades away.

Determined to change the future, Ragna joins Crimson. The two with the same goal in mind fight and eliminate the dragons from their world.

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