Crimson Peak Ending Explained: What Happens With Edith In The End?


Audiences were looking to explain the end of Crimson Peak. The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro, and just like his other masterpieces, Crimson Peak is very famous and loved. It’s allegorical in nature, incredibly acted, and the cinematography is stunning. The theme is love and betrayal. When twisted love goes unchecked, ghosts from the past continue to haunt the present. Crimson Peak is indeed a must watch for people who love a classic twisted love story and gothic ghost tale.

The plot revolves around Edith Cushing. She is a brilliant woman who aspires to one day become an author. She falls into a trap when she marries a seductive baronet Thomas. Thomas is from England and lives in Allerdale Hall. It is his family’s historic home. Edith’s father never approved of their marriage. However, due to her untimely death, Edith decides to go ahead with the marriage and moves into her ancestral home. She soon discovered that life with Thomas and his family was not what she expected. The house is decaying and sinking into the clay, and it’s basically dried out. Also, Thomas’ sister is very cold to Edith and she soon starts seeing ghosts at night. Now let’s talk about Crimson Peak and explain its ending.

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What is Crimson Peak about?

The film is about Edith Cushing. She is the young daughter of a wealthy Carter Cushing business. Edith is visited by the ghost of her recently deceased mother. The ghost warns him, saying, “Beware of Crimson Peak”. The story will take place near Buffalo, New York, around 1887.

In the film, we see Sir Thomas Sharpe. He is an English baronet and traveled to the United States with his sister Lucille. Sir Thomas comes to seek investors for his innovation in the extraction of clay. In 1901, he met Edith, who was a promising author. However, Edith had seen Sharpe’s previous failures to raise funds, so she rejected his proposal.

Crimson Peak Ending Explained
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After that, we see the ghost of Edith’s mother appear to her once again. This time, she comes with the same warning. Edith’s father and a friend of hers disapprove of her relationship with Sir Thomas. After that, Mr.Cushing contacts Mr.Holly, who is a private detective. He discovers unsavory information about Sir Thomas and his family.

What were the shocking secrets Edith discovered about Thomas?

Edith’s suspicions that all is not as it seems in Allerdale Hall are confirmed when she discovers a trunk full of documents. She also finds a stash of wax cylinder recordings that one of the ghosts showed her. Along with this, Edith discovered that Thomas had already been married several times. He had hidden this from Edith. Additionally, she finds tapes in which one of Thomas’ ex-wives says she is being poisoned to death by Thomas and his sister.

Crimson Peak Ending Explained
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Edith remembers that Lucille made her tea regularly since her arrival at Allerdale Hall. She had felt the tea was to blame when she got sick. The recording she found reinforced her suspicions. Edith is heartbroken by the news that Thomas is participating in these evil plans being her lover. She felt like their marriage was stabilizing. They had gone somewhere beautiful for one night, and Edith thought it was an important step towards growing closeness. Well, how wrong could she have been?

Unfortunately, there was only sad news for Edith. Later, she is visited by a ghost. The ghost takes Edith to Lucille’s bedroom, where she discovers Thomas and Lucille sharing a bed. They have had an incestuous relationship since childhood, and the only way they can keep their ancestral home is if Thomas marries wealthy women and then murders them for their inheritance. Not only do the siblings want Edith dead for financial reasons, but she also knows their darkest secret.

Crimson Peak Ending Explained: Does Edith Return to Life?

At the end of the film, Edith almost succumbs to the nefarious plans of Thomas and his sister. However, she manages to save herself from them. Thomas and his sister wanted to poison Edith slowly. They were waiting for her to hand over her family’s money to Thomas before committing the crime. Although, Thomas begins to have doubts. In the plot twist, Thomas is murdered by his own sister for wanting to help Edith survive instead of murdering her as they had planned.

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After murdering her brother, Lucille claims she wouldn’t stop until she also killed Edith. At this point, Edith has no choice but to assassinate Lucille. Edith flees along with Alan, who flew from New York to save her from the Sharpes.

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