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CPU full form or meaning is the Central Processing Unit.

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, which is also called the processor.

the processor or central processing unit is the main part or we can say the brain of a computer, which processes data given by the user and produces an output.

CPU is the component of any computer, which provides the processing power to the computer.

The central processing unit of modern computers works at lightning speed and performs millions of calculations within seconds in order to execute any program.

we often say CPU as the brain of the computer, because this is the place where all the arithmetic calculations and logical operations take place.

CPU full form
CPU full form

the CPU handles and executes all the instructions received from various application software running on that computer and also from the hardware component of that computer.

The first CPU was invented by Federico Faggin an Italian Scientist in 1971, named Intel 4004.

Internal Structure of the CPU

A Microprocessor or Central Processing Unit is made up of IC or Integrated Circuit Chip.

The CPU consists of millions of IC chips, packed inside a single processing chip. and each of these Integrated Circuit Chips is made up of millions of nano components, called transistors.

these transistors inside integrated chips are made of a semiconductor material Silicon.

these transistors are the basic building blocks of a processor and functions as a micro switch, which can be programmed for two states, either on or off.

and this is the main reason, a computer or processor understands only binary language or binary code, which is 0 and 1, represents off and on.

CPU internal architecture-

The CPU has internally three Main Units-

  1. ALU– Arithmetic Logic Unit of a central processing unit performs all the Arithmetic and Logical Operations.
  2. CU– Control Unit controls all the functioning of all external and internal connected devices. such as the keyboard, mouse
  3. Memory Unit– the memory part of a processor consists of high-speed memory, that is used by the CPU to store data.

All central processing unit internally implements an Architecture and also supports a predefined command. This set of commands to the processor is called an instruction set of CPU.

CPU internal Architecture
CPU internal Architecture

CPU working-

The work of any CPU is to execute many types of instructions stored on any computer, which is called a program.

so during the execution of any program CPU follows a certain predefined cycle.

the Central Processing Unit instructions cycle is executed sequentially and each and every instruction is processed by CPU, which consist of the following steps-

  • Reading an instruction from Memory
  • Decoding the instruction
  • Finding the address of the operand
  • Retrieving an operand
  • Performing the desired operation
  • Finding the address of desired destination memory
  • storing the result into the destination memory
CPU working
CPU working


Interesting facts about CPU-

  • modern CPUs are so fast that the Ghz unit is used to measure the speed of the processor.
  • CPU or processor is installed on the motherboard.
  • Intel, a US company, manufactures the most micro-processors.
  • For the first time in 2020, Apple has created its own M1 microprocessor, and people are praising it a lot due to its good speed.


What are the three types of CPU?

  • Single Core CPU
  • Dual-Core CPU
  • Quad-Core CPU

Which is the intel’s most powerful processor?

Intel 10th Generation Core i9 is the most advanced and powerful processor by Intel company.


Some other famous full forms of CPU-

CPU- Cost Per Unit – in Business

CPU- Constructing Physics Understanding- in educational term

CPU- Central Policy Unit- in Governmental

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