Coronation Street Spoilers Expose Abi & Sarah is Destroyed!


Coronation Street spoilers reveal 34 new photographs explaining what happens in the soap opera. The photos show how Abi’s betrayal is exposed and Lydia’s destruction of Sarah is discovered. Coronation Street will have major repercussions next week due to a twisted revenge plan and a shocking secret. It’s been a week of terrible discoveries on the cobblestones, as people’s lives are shattered. The British soap opera Coronation Street, produced by Granada Television and broadcast on ITV since 1960, is one of the most popular. Cobbled and terraced Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford town centre, serves as the setting for the show’s narrative.

As well as being broadcast on ITV and around the world, Coronation Street is produced at MediaCityUK by ITV Granada. When it first aired in 2007, it was the longest-running soap opera in history. Coronation Street is known for its portrayal of a working class neighborhood with light humor and strong characters, inspired by the realism of kitchen sinks. On average, six million people watch each episode of the program right now. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the show’s first episode, which aired on February 7, 2020, and the airing of the 10,000th episode. Scroll down for all about Coronation Street Spoilers!

Will Sarah be able to connect the dots?

In the series, when Sarah Platt receives a call from Adam Barlow’s phone informing her that the hotel has collected a ladies’ watch from her previous visit, she is at a loss as to what to make of the situation. She claims to have spent the night with her married ex-husband, Lydia Chambers. Soon after, Lydia discovers a receipt from an exclusive lingerie store in London after Sarah informed her about the watch. As the story begins to unfold, Sarah confronts her closest friend, who accuses her of having an affair with Adam! Adam is surprised and tells Sarah Lydia that she is telling the truth. However, little Sarah is in a distraught and confused position where she is unable to trust her husband.

Sarah tries to connect the dots.

On the other hand, Abi Franklin struggles to keep her emotions in check when she confesses to Sally Metcalfe that she had an affair with Kevin Webster, despite her best efforts. When Sally refused to provide such a guarantee, Abi was forced to leave a message for her on her answering machine. Abi is completely unaware that her phone is linked to the RV’s Bluetooth speaker when she receives a call from Sally. Kevin is surprised by what they have to say! What you saw on the cobbles in those dramatic moments was just the beginning of what you can expect to see in the next week or two. Linda offers that Joseph stay with her when Bernie says the quads aren’t doing well. He doesn’t take no for an answer, and she’s frustrated.

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Can Amy and Jacob keep their feelings a secret?

Bernie confronts Linda after Chesney orders him out of the house. As Linda talks Joseph into moving in with her, Joseph comes over and offers to help. What will Joseph say now that Chesney is stunned? Toyah and Imran are celebrating their engagement at a local cafe when she shows him her ring. Abi’s entrance shattered the mood. Dev sighs as he examines the contents of his stock delivery and discovers that he has been given poor quality wine.

Linda asked Joseph if he wanted to live with her

Stu says he’ll buy it for him! The social worker had nothing but praise for Abi. However, Abi is disappointed when the court orders a postponement to March 14. Unaware that her phone is linked to the RV’s Bluetooth speaker, Abi answers a call from Sally. When Kevin hears him speak, he is in shock! The truth has finally come out! Amy and Jacob kissed. However, they decide to keep their relationship a secret and continue seeing each other. But we are talking about Weatherfield here!

Lydia destroys Sarah

Sarah and Adam are fighting right now. The subject of the fight revolves around Lydia. Lydia is interested in what she hears. Yasmeen and Stu use the new brazier to stay warm. Ken’s fine wine is served at Yasmeen by Stu. Craig begins his first day on the job at Underworld. Faye can see through his fake smile that he is miserable, and Imran asks Abi how much she told Kevin. How about knowing what it was about?

Adam and Sara
Sarah and Adam argue over Lydia

Dev’s cheap wine is what Stu brought to #1 with him, and he confesses to Steve that he traded the expensive wine for cheap junk. Who knows what Steve’s reaction will be? Sarah confronts Lydia about her concerns after putting two and two together. Claims that she and Adam are having an affair bring Lydia to tears. She claims they were inseparable. Adam interrupts their conversation, arriving home unannounced. Despite Sarah’s requests for information, her boyfriend is sure that Lydia is fabricating everything. These scenes will air on ITV’s Coronation Street from Monday 21 February. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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