Claws Season 4 Episode 11: Release Date, Recap & Preview


‘Claws’ season 4 episode 11 – the main question that plagues the minds of many fans of the series. The tenth episode of the fourth episode came with heat and high-octane action. We got from the episode what we all wanted. Desna returns once again with elaborate plans and defies the authorities with the panache one needs to run a criminal empire from a nail salon. Meanwhile, many of the supporting cast got to shine and deal with the main plot points of their arcs.

The cast of “Claws” includes Niecy Nash as Desna Simms, Jenn Lyon as Jennifer Husser, and Judy Reyes as Quiet Ann. Carrie Preston portrays Polly Marks, Karrueche Tran portrays Virginia Loc and Dean Norris portrays Uncle Daddy. Harold Perrineau plays Dean Simms, Jason Antoon plays Dr. Ken Brickman, and Kevin Rankin plays Bryce Husser. Now let’s explore what happened last time on the show and if there will be a “Claws” Season 4 Episode 11. Spoilers ahead!

Who died in the clutches
Desna, Virginia, Polly and Jenn in episode 10

‘Claws’ Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 marked the end of the comedy series in a truly explosive climax filled with emotion, action, and plenty of downside. The episode kicks off with Desna trying to cope with Uncle Dad’s departure to the afterlife that she caused. Polly helps him cover his tracks by forging a suicide note. After dealing with this problem, Desna hatches a plan and sets everything up for the great escape. However, there are a few issues. Jenn can’t escape without her daughters.

Polly has the solution for that, though. After Baron’s death, Polly came into possession of a large sum of money. She uses part of her fortune to get her daughters back. Carrying a ton of moolah, Polly stops by the new guardians’ house. Retrieving the girls was as easy as slicing butter. Now that the children are back, they are all ready to go to Cuba.

Virginie escapes

All but one: Virginia. She killed Georgia, and now the cops have found out. They arrest her, but she can still be part of the getaway. All she has to do is not confess to the murder. However, she cannot do this and ends up confessing to the police. She ends up in jail. This problem also meets its solution quite quickly. Dr. Ken poses as an ICE agent and has Virginia released into his custody. After this incredible escape, Virginia joined other crew members.

Desna distracts the DEA

Desna sets in motion the final parts of her grand plan. She tricks the DEA with a distraction, tricking them into thinking she’s set up a heroin deal. Meanwhile, Desna bids Dean an emotional farewell via a phone call. Polly, on the other hand, leaves Dr. Ken a parting gift – a medical center. Everything is done, and the last stage of the action is underway. Desna and everyone head for the exit as the DEA thinks they’re busy with a heroin deal. However, in a twist, Ann denounces Desna and informs the DEA that Desna is heading for the docks. Ann arrives and unloads a shitload of dynamites.

Desna vs. Ann Fakeout

Soon comes the confrontation between Desna and Ann that has been teased throughout the season. Desna shoots Ann in the chest and falls into the water. With another blow, Desna kills Ann for good. Desna then gets on the boat with Bryce, Jenn, and the kids. As they drive away, the DEA arrives on the scene, only to see the boat explode into smithereens. However, this is obviously not the end.

A happy ending in Havana

Two months pass and we learn that the whole ordeal was just a ruse. One day, while Dean is mourning the death of Desna, he receives a tape. The tape contains Desna and Quiet Ann’s explanation of the whole ruse. It turns out that the two of them were pretending to have a beef when in reality, they had long since patched themselves up. What’s more, they then concocted an outlandish and super clever plan that involved special effects artists and other professionals to stage the shooting and explosion. They all live, and they live in comfort and luxury. The whole crew is in Havana, living the life. As they all celebrate leaving life and chaos behind, Ann’s water breaks and the credits roll.

Did uncle daddy die in the clutches
The nail salon fucks while enjoying the retirement in Havana at the end of episode 10

‘Claws’ Season 4 Episode 11 Release Date and Preview

‘Claws’ Season 4 Episode 11 hasn’t had a release date since the fourth season, and with it, the whole series has come to a conclusion. Episode 10 marked the end of the season in a way that stuck to the theme of the show. Besides the usual goofs and hilarity, the climax came with plenty of explosions, shootouts, and clever maneuvers from Desna. Jenn got her daughters back, thanks to Polly’s wealth she inherited from Baron. Desna left her old life and has now decided to live for her family, not for the bag. Virginia is back with the crew, as one of them. Meanwhile, Quiet Ann finally got her waters broken. With a new family member on the way, the crew seems to have gotten their happy ending.

Watch ‘Claws’ Season 4 Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 11 of season 4 of “Claws” will not be broadcast on TNT according to the scheduled slot. However, all four seasons of the show are now available online on Hulu. You can also rent or buy individual episodes of “Claws” through VOD platforms such as Vudu, iTunes, Google Play Store and Amazon Instant Video, and start binging right away. You can also watch the show on the TNTdrama website.

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