Chandan Roy Sanyal ventures into production and directing with ‘Suzie Q’

Chandan Roy Sanyal ventures into production and directing with 'Suzie Q'
Chandan Roy Sanyal Ventures into Production and Directing with ‘Suzie Q’ – Deets Inside (Photo Credit : Instagram)

‘Ashram’ actor Chandan Roy Sanyal has become a film producer and director with his psychological thriller ‘Suzie Q’ when he launched his banner Chandan Roy Sanyal Pictures to make films with superlative.

Chandan says: “I have always wanted to create quality cinema that resonates with my ideals of filmmaking. I’m ecstatic to have found my own banner and excited to announce the first production ‘Suzie Q’. This is also the first time I’ve directed a feature film and also wrote the script for it. I seek the blessings of my family and my benefactors.”

Produced by Vibrant Media, Sanjay Kumar Pal, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Abhijeet Singh Baghel, co-produced by Krranti Shaanbag and directed by Chandan Roy Sanyal and with screenplay and dialogues by Juhi Shekhar, ‘Suzie Q’ is coming soon.

Meanwhile, Chandan Sanyal, who made his debut as a writer with the film ‘Dar-Badar’, is pleased with the appreciation for his work as the film was screened at the Dhaka Film Festival and won an award at the 27th Minsk International Film Festival.

The film portrays a true story, based on an Afghan refugee who wants to become an actor. It touches on the emigration crisis and its impact.

“It is a great pleasure that ‘Dar-Badar’ has been screened at the Dhaka Film Festival. I believe the concept was recognizable to the public.”

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