Canadian Government May Take Action Against Crypto Exchange CEOs Based On Their Advice To Protesters


Last updated February 22, 2022

Canadian government agencies will investigate whether chief executive officers of centralized crypto exchanges have acted as a catalyst to fuel protests against freedom of convoys in Canada.

Recently, the Canadian government passed an emergency law to better control the convoy protesters’ freedom campaign. In order to better contain and control the protesters, the government forced any centralized crowdfunding or financial service, including centralized crypto companies, not to provide any services to these protesters and also to notify the government agencies if their customers are affected in any way. are involved in the protests. such as financing or having a direct or indirect relationship.

In response to such decisions by the government of Canada, some crypto proponents raised their voices and suggested that people go for self-preserving crypto wallets so that people can use their money in complete freedom.

In particular, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell suggested that people keep the funds out of centralized exchanges because centralized exchanges may be forced.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of US-based crypto exchange Coinbase, also tweeted a similar tweet addressing the situation in Canada.

According to reports, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has reported these tweets from the CEOs of the central stock exchange to federal police.

The federal police will investigate whether or not these tweets from the CEOs of such exchanges violated the last-imposed Emergency Act.

In current times, self-detention wallets are causing a very big problem against the Canadian government to stop funding protesters.

Recently, the Canadian government has asked Nunchuk, a self-preserving Bitcoin wallet, to provide details of people belonging to the Canadian protesters.

Nunchuk’s team stated that they do not collect any data from their users, but only provide software services.

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