“Can we use empathy and politeness in conversations?”

Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Responds To Taylor Swift's Count To Him In Her Song
Jake Gyllenhaal finally responds to Taylor Swift’s digs at him in her song “All Too Well” (Pic Credit: Instagram/jakegyllenhaal, taylorswift)

Last November, Taylor Swift released her album ‘Red’ and it became a topic of discussion among her fans. Reportedly, her song “All Too Well” was a dig at ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, where the singer also revealed that she left a scarf with his sister and stormed the internet with netizens telling Jake to return Taylor’s scarf. Now, in a recent interview, the Spider-Man actor has commented on Tay’s number and the reason behind disabling the comment section on his Instagram posts. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Both Taylor and Jake started dating in 2010 when Taylor was 20 and Jake 29 and their sweet romance ended in 2011, just a year after they got together. After the song was released, fans finally discovered the reason behind their breakup and can you guess what it was? According to eagle-eyed fans, it was their age difference.

Now, talking to Esquire Italia Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he is not mad at Taylor Swift and that it is an artist’s way of expressing themselves through their music. He said, ‘It’s her way of expressing herself. Artists draw on their personal experiences to write songs and I’m not mad at her.”

Jake Gyllenhaal went on to talk about Taylor Swift fans calling him a “villain” and revealed the reason behind the disabling comments on Instagram. The Spider-Man actor added: “At some point I think it’s important that when a star’s supporters become unruly, we feel a responsibility to make them civilized again and not allow cyberbullying. deeper philosophical question. About how we should take responsibility for what we do. My question is, is this our future? Is anger our future? Or can we use empathy and politeness in conversations?”

Those are some wise words coming in, Jake!

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