Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Season 2: Release Date, Synopsis & Streaming Details


“Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” has ended and fans are already asking for a season 2. Why not? The show ended with all of us thinking that this time Hwal and Sang will end up being together. The end of the series brought so many thoughts that it’s quite difficult to put into one. Our hearts stopped when Hwal and Sang Un died. However, we were a little relieved to see them reincarnated once more.

The fantasy drama is buzzworthy. From acting to script, everyone played beyond. However, although Hwal and Sang Un’s story has come to an end, fans are desperate for a second season. The actors did a commendable job and we shed tears when Hwal and Sang Un met in their reincarnated forms. Well, in all of this, Ok Eul Tae deserves a special mention. It set the bar at various high levels for villains, and without a doubt, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls was truly an incredible watch.

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Bulgasal Season 1 Synopsis: Immortal Souls

Before we talk about Season 2, let’s relive the moments from one of the most beloved fantasy dramas. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls took us through a journey of pain, agony, and also love that spanned a millennium and will continue for years to come.

A tale as old as time

The series begins with a dystopian world where monsters scare people away for their lives. However, there is one that people have not witnessed. Known as Bulgasal, this is the monster that some people have only heard of and weren’t sure of its existence. At such times, a shaman prophesies that a boy will be born with the curse of Bulgasal. Similarly, it happened when a woman died giving birth and the child was seen as the bearer of future chaos. Over time, the child grew up and began to hunt down monsters that claimed the lives of innocent people.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

We saw an adult, Dan Hwal, now married to Dan Sol, which was a marriage of convenience. His journey of revenge began when his entire family was wiped out before his eyes, as the Bulgasal killed them all. As his son died before his eyes, the Bulgarian took his heart and Dan Hwal, in return, stabbed the Bulgarian, who was Sang Un, and promised that he would find her in every life and find his revenge.

A revenge worth 600 years

Hwal has waited 600 years for his revenge to take place, and finally, that time has come. Meanwhile, Sang Un has reincarnated. However, she does not remember anything. However, Ha Yeon remembered everything. Maybe since they were twins, her soul split in two. However, one unfortunate day, Ha Yeon and her entire family except Sang Un were killed by the Bulgasal. From then on, Sang Un and his younger sister Min Shi Ho used to travel to all possible places so that the Bulgasal could not find them.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

Years passed, and even after Sang Un grew up, she used to visit that apartment, where everything had been taken away from her. Eventually, when he found her, she couldn’t recognize him. Meanwhile, all those years apart Hwal’s reincarnated monsters were chasing her so they could have her soul. They were basically after Hwal’s soul since he was the one who killed them in his past lives.

When Dan Hwal and Sang Un met, much to his dismay, she didn’t remember anything, and he also learned that his wife from his previous life had reincarnated as his younger sister. Not only her, but also her son, named Nam Do Yoon, whom he saved.

Hwal learned that Sang Un wanted his help so he could kill the Bulgasal. On the other hand, Ok Eul Tae tries his best so he can take revenge on Sang Un and fill his black hole. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Detective Kwon, who is none other than Dan Sol’s reincarnated father.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
Excerpt from Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

All of them, including the shaman Lee Hye Suk, live in Hwal’s old house. By starting to live there, everyone bonded like a real family. He still doesn’t understand that Sang Un has forgotten everything. Hwal and Sang Un both encounter several reincarnated monsters that have been after his soul.

“You have become more important than my revenge”

Over time and her actions, Sang Un grew closer to Hwal. There came a time when he started to trust her. Although Ok Eul Tar mentioned how she was manipulating him, Hwal was set on his decision. While Sang Un was willing to give his heart so that Hwal could become human again, he was the one who didn’t want her to.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

She once said that if Hwal died, a part of her would die, and for Hwal, he would lose everything. With Hye Suk’s death, Hwal was completely broken as she was the only family he had. Although he couldn’t express himself properly, his death had a severe impact on him, and so he became even more determined to end this war of revenge.

We’ll see each other again

Hwal and Ok Eul Tae face off for a showdown, where he reveals how Hwal was the one who wanted to become a Bulgasal. He and Sang Un were shown to be monsters, and they adopted the children, who were Shi Ho and Do Yoon. However, Ok Eul Tae tricked Hwal into believing that Sang Un would eventually walk away from him. The situation also made him think like that.

A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

When Ok Eul Tae blamed the Bulgasal for his brother’s murder, which he did, Hwal tried to burn everything down in front of him to save them. However, in Sang Un, she witnessed her loved one kill her other loved ones. After the fight was over, Hwal and Ok Eul Tae passed away, and we got a glimpse of Sang Un and Hwal meeting after being reincarnated once again. They tend to develop a soft spot for each other, and Sang Un probably remembers her past life when she went to visit Hwal’s former home. It’s a new beginning for them, and that’s where the show ended, leaving fragments of them together, a hope in our hearts.

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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Cast

The heartbreaking drama had amazing actors who elevated the story even higher with their performances. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Season 1 consisted of an ensemble cast. Among the main leads was Lee Jin Wook, who played the role of Dan Hwal. Kwon Nara played the dual roles of Min Sang Un, Kim Ha Yeon and a Bulgasal, Lee Joon played Ok Eul Tae, Gong Seung Yeon played Dan Sol and Min Shi Ho, Jung Jin Young played Kwon Ho Yeol and Dan Guek and Kim Woo Seok played Nam Do Yoon.

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Watch Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Online – Streaming Details

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is available on the global streaming platform Netflix. For South Korean audiences, the drama is available on South Korea-based streaming platform TVING. You can also watch the drama online. Sang Un and Hwal were never enemies to be in the first place.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

It was just their repressed emotions with an unfortunate situation that led them to have a sense of revenge for hundreds of years. However, as love did, they met and connected even with so many differences and may continue to meet each time they are born.

Will there be a Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 2?

So far, no such announcement has been made. However, if there is a chance for a future season 2, how the story unfolds will be interesting to watch.

Bulgasal: immortal souls
A photo of Bulgasal: immortal souls

As Hwal and Sang Un met even after being reincarnated, the story kind of ended there. Additionally, we also saw the death of Ok Eul Tae, so a chance for revenge also cannot be anticipated. So if there’s a chance for a season 2, then the story will have to start in a different direction.

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