BTS’s J-Hope once collapsed on camera when members surprised him with a special message from his parents

J-Hope once cried inconsolably on his birthday when BTS members surprised him with a special message from his parents
BTS’s J-Hope once cried inconsolably after receiving a special birthday message from his parents (Photo Credit – Wikimedia)

It’s no secret that BTS has one of the largest and most devoted fandoms ever and they celebrate every member’s birthday by flooding social media platforms with birthday edits and fan art. As ARMY’s Sunshine J-Hope turns 28 today, we watch a big throwback video where a special message from his parents left him heartbroken. The clip was released on Hobi’s 21st birthday when the rest of the members, in conjunction with their management company Big Hit, made a special video to wish him on his special day.

For the inexperienced, the Bangtan Boys have kept in touch with their fans through Instagram and Weverse lately, keeping them updated and entertained on a regular basis. The band recently announced the ‘BTS Permission To Dance’ concert in their home country of Seoul with a hybrid model, meaning a few people can attend the live show through a digital medium. According to a few reports, they will also be releasing a new album this year in addition to an announcement of a world tour.

A video released in the year 2014 shows J-Hope having a working birthday with the rest of the band members when a special video for him is played on the projector. The clip opens with the members – Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and V – wishing him a happy birthday, followed by a special message from his mom and dad.

As soon as J-Hope’s father appears on screen, he can be seen struggling to hold back his tears. In the clip, his father says, “Son, it’s your father. Are you doing well? I’m really sorry I can’t say a decent “happy birthday” on your 21st birthday. Me and your mother are grateful that we have a son like you. Congratulations again on our dear son. Your second mini album, since you have worked hard on it, I will pray that good results will come. Most of all, I hope you are in good health. Don’t forget, if you stay healthy anything can happen. I hope you are doing well in the future. Again, happy birthday, my son. My son, I love you. J-Hope, all the best. BTS, all the best.”

J-Hope’s mother also wishes him a special day, saying, “Happy 21st birthday. And your new mini album just came out. No matter how hard you worked on it, I hope for good results. And take care of your health. Although I am not physically next to you, I hope this video gives you strength. I also hope you enjoy your birthday. Congratulations. Always stay healthy. All the best BTS.”

The healthy message leaves not only J-Hope in tears, but also the other members such as Jungkook and Suga. Jimin immediately comes in with a birthday cake and asks Hobi to cut it in front of the camera. Have a look.

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