BTS And TXT Receive Gold Creator Awards From Tiktok


Labelmates BTS and TXT have taken a step together. Both boy groups recently received Tiktok Gold Creator Awards for their content and following on the platform. BTS and TXT are frequently active on Tiktok to share tiny snippets with their fans. Hence, they have millions of followers and fans which led them to win Gold Creator awards.

On February 21, BigHit Music announced that their boy groups – BTS and TXT – had won the Tiktok Gold Creator Awards. Groups surpassed 10 million followers on Tiktik; Gold Awards are given to artists/accounts with 10 million+ followers. Meanwhile, the Silver Award is given to accounts with more than one million followers.

BTS is the most followed Korean artist on Tiktok, with over 45 million followers. Additionally, his maknae, Jungkook, had the most views under the #Jungkook hashtag surpassing 75 billion views.

BTS and TXT Receive Tiktok Gold Creator Awards

BTS and TXT have proven their social presence by receiving Tiktok Gold creator awards for their massive following on the video-focused social media app. BTS holds the title of most followed Korean artist on Titok. Meanwhile, TXT is the Kpop boy group with the second highest number of followers. As of February 21, BTS has 46.5 million followers. On the other hand, TXT has more than 15.6 million subscribers.

Last week, TXT members Taehyun and Huening Kai shared their awards on Tiktok, sharing the news with their fans.

Both boy groups deserve the awards because they never miss an opportunity to interact with their respective fandoms: ARMY and MOA. BTS is globally known as the #1 social artist in the music community. On the other hand, TXT members frequently share trending videos and challenges on Tiktok to entertain their audience. Popular hashtags related to BTS and TXT also have millions of views, making them one of the most trending and followed artists.

BTS and TXT win Tiktok Gold creator award

BTS is currently preparing for their next “Permission To Dance” concert on stage – Seoul, which will take place on March 10, 12, and 13. Meanwhile, TXT is gearing up for its “2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER FANLIVE MOA X TOGETHER” live events on March 5 and 6.

Congratulations to TXT and BTS!

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