Britney Spears Signs $15 Million Deal For Her Tell-All Memoir?

Britney Spears signs publishing deal for her memoir that tells it all
Britney Spears signs publishing deal for her tell-all memoir (Photo Credit – Wikipedia)

Pop icon Britney Spears has signed a publishing deal for her memoir, which will tell her stories and commentary about her fame, her music career and her relationship with her family and historical events from her life with Simon & Schuster publishing house.

While the terms of the deal are not yet known, a person familiar with Spears told Variety that the deal is “record-breaking” in nature, worth an estimated $15 million, as reported by Page Six.

According to ‘Variety’, Simon & Schuster would have emerged victorious after a bidding war involving several other publishers.

According to Variety, the information regarding the pop icon’s book deal comes several months after her guardianship ended by a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge.

The singer has been living under a court-ordered conservatorship from her father Jamie Spears since 2007. Although the singer continued to work, tour and have a residency in Las Vegas, the conservatory continued to exist.

Britney Spears told a judge in the summer of 2021 that she had to work while at the conservatory, despite her plea for a break from touring.

According to “Variety,” she later gave her first public testimony about her conservatorship, saying, “I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized. I just want my life back.”

In the past year, Britney Spears’ story has attracted international attention, sparking conversations about conservatories and the potential abuses of such an agreement.

Currently, the pop star’s legal battle continues, with both sides embroiled in a struggle over finances.

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