Box Office – Badshaai Do knows how to hold onto Tuesday

Box Office - Badshaai Do knows how to hold onto Tuesday
Box Office – Bad Shark Do manages decent hold on Tuesday (Pic Credit: Poster)

After managing decent collections on Valentine’s Day by bringing in 1.85 crores, the necessity of the hour for Badshaai Do was also manageable on Tuesday. After all, the start was almost good 1.65 crores and therefore there is some ground that needs to be covered for the film. The collections could therefore not afford to see a sharp drop on Tuesday.

Luckily for the film, this turned out to be the case, as it managed to get in anyway 1.12 crores† although 1.25 crores would have been ideal, hopefully the movie stays smooth for the rest of the weekdays so at least 1 crore each comes in on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Badshark Do has collected 10.79 crores now and would the . must surpass 12.50 crores mark after the first week. During the pre-pandemic era, of course, this would have been the total for the film in the first weekend itself. However, these are different times and all small victories should be celebrated. The actors of Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar now have to enjoy a step by step 20 crores longevity at least.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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