Boruto Chapter 67 Spoilers: Boruto Makes A Comeback


With this month’s chapter release date almost close, we know we usually get the spoilers about three days in advance. So Boruto Chapter 67 Spoilers have been released in full, and we will be taking a look at them soon. The last chapter saw Boruto’s fight with Kawaki seemingly reach a conclusion. Boruto was seemingly defeated, and we have been waiting for more updates on his future because no matter how we looked at it. The situation was a fatal one for him as he was left with a gaping hole through his chest.

Knowing the modern shinobi world, there is no way that could be reversed, so if he was to survive, that would be a groundbreaking revelation and would change a lot about the series. Things like this usually change the narrative of the story and introduce some new power dynamics like we have seen in many animes before. Boruto Chapters long, and this explains why we only get one chapter each month. It could be up to 60 pages long, so it has a lot of content. The problem could be when you have to wait for another month to get a new chapter after you get a cliffhanger, as we saw with chapter 66.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68 will be released on 20 March 2022. This will be the anime’s usual release schedule as we always get a new chapter on the 20th of each and every month. With that being said, let’s look at the fully released spoilers for the upcoming chapter. They are detailed, and most of the chapter is just dialogue, so there won’t be as much action compared to the last chapter.

Boruto Chapter 67 Spoilers

The chapter will be titled “Rift. We have the full chapter spoilers courtesy of Boruto Subreddit. The color cover featured: Ada is playing with her hair and finally making use of normal-sized pockets on her shorts. Splash text: When you gaze at her, you will become captivated and fall victim to her. The chapter opens up right from where Chapter 66 left off. Boruto is still lying motionless with a gaping chest wound and his limbs akimbo. Naruto immediately rushes over to Boruto, trying to rouse him. Naruto, who is still in sage mode, lifts up Boruto to closely look at the extent of the damage and body condition.

Naruto: “Boruto!!… This can not be happening… Boruto… No way”. Meanwhile, Kawaki still has his Karma and left eye active. It has only three visible triangles in his eyeball. He stares at Naruto and Boruto. Code still has a sweaty and nervous Shikamaru as a hostage. Code then starts talking to Ada. Daemon is still fast asleep in her lap.

Code did not expect this to happen, so he is a bit surprised.

Ada: “Don’t just be like that Code… Wasn’t Boruto an important living sacrifice to you? He was going to be used to cultivate the divine tree, right? What are you going to do if he dies there like that?

Code: “There’s nothing I can do about that now, right? It’s an actor of god, you know. That guy… Kawaki regained his “Karma”… Surely no one could have imagined that he’d kill Boruto?”

Ada: “Well… Don’t misunderstand me, but… I have no intention to somehow interfere with your objectives are, alright? But I just have one thing to say to you… Don’t even think of doing something stupid like trying to use Kawaki as the “Living Sacrifice” as the substitute for Boruto. I won’t forgive you for doing something like that, you know.

Code “… Well, on that note… There’s no way that I could give you a simple answer about that right here and now. I’ll be back soon. Let’s meet up and talk it through.

Code then suddenly slashes the ground with claw marks on his left. Kawaki takes notice.

Code: “Look what you’ve done to me, Kawaki… How dare you do that to the precious “Living Sacrificed”… There’s a pressing issue, though… I’m gonna retreat for a bit, but listen up. Remember this… Even if you acquire ‘Power,’ Things will still be the same for you… You’ll never be free for as long as you live. You’ll always be at the mercy of something else: From now on and forever. I understand what it’s like… To have that kind of destiny.

Kakaki Vs. Code Continues

Kawaki looks back at Code. Code releases Shikamaru from his grip and kicks him on the back and away from himself. Shikamaru manages to gain his footing and lands on a kneeling position. Code freely falls backward and tries to escape into his prepared claw marks.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations
Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Kawaki then focuses his active eye with four visible triangles at the claw marks. They start to shrink as code looks behind himself in surprise. Code crashes on the ground as the claw marks are too small to be useful. Kawaki continues to silently advance towards code. Code slashes the ground to create three more claw marks, but Kawaki shrinks them once again while Code seems frustrated.

Kawaki keeps approaching while telling code that it doesn’t seem like he understands what’s going on. He tells him that now is not the time to be pompously talking about the destinies of other people. Code then realizes that it seems like he is completely losing, and he is no match for Kawaki. The situation was getting worse for him.

Kawaki Overwhelms Code

Code struggles to get back up while Shikamaru spots Naruto. Naruto is cradling a limp Boruto in his arms. Shikamaru makes a dash towards Naruto while Naruto screams for a lifeless Boruto to open his eyes. Shikamaru notices the condition that Boruto is on and puts his left arm around Naruto’s shoulder. He tries to calm Naruto down while Naruto asks if he is having a bad dream.

Background explosions appear from Code and Kawaki’s battle. Code is airborne and emerges from a cloud of dust. Kawaki has wound Code’s right arm and is back for another strike. Code transforms his left arm to block the blow. Shikamaru keeps observing from a distance while he notices that Kawaki is cornering Code. It will be a problem if they let him escape, so he intends to back Naruto up so they can finally defeat Code. Naruto seems to have spaced off, and even though Shikamaru tries to get him back into the fight, it doesn’t work.

Code and Kawaki continue with their battle. The scene suddenly shifts to their battlefield. Code is now pieced with three short black rods, and he is getting pushed back again. Kawaki continues with his attacks relentlessly. Kawaki easily closes their distance while Code tries to get up after dealing with Kawakai’s previous attacks. Kawaki raises his left palm and aims at Code’s face. He charges up energy in point-blank range.

He asked Code if someone else wanted to meet him. But he warns that if they dare threaten Naruto, then he won’t have mercy for them either. Code pulls his cloak with his left hand. He uses his right and digs on the claw mark on his face and hairline while there are now four triangles in Kawaki’s eyes. A huge blast engulfs the battlefield, and Naruto is still holding onto Boruto’s lifeless body. Shikamaru braces for the aftershock of the attack, but he notices something on the clearing clouds.

Kawaki In Danger

Kawaki’s body appears on the clearing clouds and seems unresponsive. He seems to have taken most of the damage from the explosion and rolled over his head while his body slides along the ground. He ends up laying face down and hasn’t made a single noise while Shikamaru and Naruto are shocked.

Kawaki and Sasuke

Code appears crouching from the settling clouds of dust. He managed to pull daemon with his right arm through the claw mark on his head. Daemon’s back faces Kawaki as Code steadies Daemon and holds on to his waist. Cut to Ada, where the other half of Daemon’s legs are dangling from the claw mark on her sleeve. Ada is upset at what has just happened. Daemon wonders where he is at, and his eyes are not active yet.

Codes shove Daemon back where he came from and tells him that they will talk more later. Ada laments Code that it was a selfish trick he has pulled and that if anything has happened to Kawaki, then he will not let him get away with it. Code uses his claw marks and reaches his hand next to Kawaki’s face on the ground. Kawaki is still motionless while Code takes Kawaki’s pulse on his carotid artery on the side of his neck.

Code reassures Ada that Kawaki is still alive. She is relieved while Daemon just kicks back and releases. Kawaki still lies face down and hasn’t moved at all. Code didn’t seem to like the situation at all and realized that he cant compete with Kawaki at the state that he is at now. So he will have to release his limiter and force Amado to restore his true power.

Shikamaru looks at Code while he gets away. Naruto turns his head to the side to stare at Shikamaru and sees an unconscious Kawaki laying on the ground.

The Aftermath of The Battle

Shikamaru continues to talk to Naruto and tells him that they will have to deal with Kawaki. When Naruto asks what he means, he tells him that it hasn’t already been decided yet, but Kawaki killed a comrade and did it without any hesitation at that.

Naruto tells him that the onus wasn’t just on him and Shikamaru things that it might be the case. But they would have to deal with Momoshiki’s power sooner or later. They might not have had any other options but to deal with him like that in the end. Shikamaru thinks that the most problematic thing is the fact that Kawaki would do whatever it takes for the sake of his goals, and it is clear.

Naruto tells him that even if things are like that, they can not control Kawaki and asks if Shikamaru meant moving him away from Konoha. Shikamaru noted that they have to uphold their reputation with other nations. They cant just unilaterally abandon all their responsibilities of him. It is the reason why they have to figure out what to do. There will probably be some backlash within the village since the public opinion of him is already bad.

Naruto pointed out that Kawaki is already a brother to Boruto and is like family to them too. So no matter what happens or what people say. During times like this, if he can’t have his family by his side, then nobody will be standing up to support him.

Boruto Wakes Up

Shikamaru reminds Naruto that Kawaki killed his son and asks if he still thinks of him as family. But Naruto tells Shikamaru to stop. Boruto suddenly starts lifting his right hand with Karma still embedded in it. He bumps Naruto’s chest with the back of his hand. Boruto’s eyes have started to open up again, and his chest wound seems to be closed.


Boruto asked who did Shikamaru said got killed while he got up to tell Shikamaru that he should not just assume that someone was dead. Naruto pulls Boruto in for a hug in disbelief. Shikamaru still thinks that this is impossible and noticed that Boruto has a black Karma pattern on the chest where he used to have a hole.

Boruto gets up as Momoshiki appears before him and looks down on him. He tells Boruto that if he loses his vessel, then his soul will vanish, just like what happened to Ishiki. The vessel is also a container for the soul, it’s the anchor that secures the soul to the living world, too, and he can’t afford to lose Boruto.

Boruto wondered how his wound managed to be closed, and we saw a flashback when Boruto was talking to Momoshiki after he was stabbed. Momoshiki had told Boruto that a portion of his lungs and heart got destroyed. and he also lost a huge volume of blood. So he was going to die. Momoshiki had manifested behind Shikamaru and activated both Byakugan in his eyes and lifted his Rinnegan embedded on his palm. He manipulated the Karma pattern to expand out and direct it to Boruto’s chest wound and closed it.

The Mystery Behind Boruto Surviving Kawaki’s Attack

Momoshiki had revived Boruto using a portion of the Karma. Karma is made up of all of Momoshiki’s components that have been compressed and digitized. His data has already been decompressing and integrated into Boruto’s body. It is 82% compiled, and if the remaining percentage is converted into Boruto’s data, then he could create new cellular tissue to replace what has been lost. A new angled pattern of Karma has appeared on Boruto’s chest.

Momoshiki pointed out that even though this data was converted. It was still made from something that Originated from the Otsutsuki’s data. And that all of the Otsutsuki data has been decompressed. So Boruto is now a full Otsotsuki and is ripe to be the living sacrifice for the Jyuubi, and that Code probably knows about it as well.

Momoshiki also tells Boruto that this means that a revival like that one will never happen again. So next time he dies, it will be over for him. Boruto asked what Momoshiki meant about him losing everything the last time they met. But he told Boruto that he was not referring to this situation. But he tells Boruto that he will eventually learn why something like this has happened to him.

Cut to Ada, who is leaning on a table. Code is now with her. Adat tells code that Amado is sheltered and protected at the center of Konoha and there arent any claw marks in the village and asks Code how he plans to get in there. Meanwhile, Shikamaru looks at Naruto and Boruto, who are interacting at a distance from him. Code then tells Ada that getting in Konoha won’t be a problem and has already made preparations.

End of Chapter 67, Chapter 68 to be released next month.

Where To Read Boruto Chapter 68

You will be able to read Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68 online on the VIZ Media and Manga Plus official platforms. New chapters are released on the 20th of every month as the manga runs on a monthly basis, so it will be a little while till we get the next chapter of the manga.

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